Friday, October 30, 2009

My Morning Skincare Routine

Hello! Just thought I'd like to share my daily skincare regimen. I kind of do something different for both day and night, because I have products that are good for daytime and some products are best when applied at night.

A little background about me, I work online full time that's 9-6pm staying in my room all day so I don't get much sun exposure! I don't do strenous activities too because I just sit all day and type, get up to eat or take some 10 minutes off away from the laptop (a must) and at night my recreational activity is when I go out with friends or have alone time for myself during the weekends. I kind of stay up pretty late if I go out. But most of the time especially on weekdays, I stay in to finish the book I'm reading.

So here is my morning skincare routine:

1. Nivea Sparkling White Face Wash- This is my current favorite face cream because it does the job of cleansing and clarifying very well. It smells really calming and it's perfect for my budget!

In the morning, I don't like scrubbing my face at all so this is perfect. I use this in my morning shower and it feels creamy and rich and has a nice lather. What I like about it is that after washing my face looks really clear and smooth! This does not whiten (which is good, I love my "golden girl" face color! Hahahah!)

I've had creams in the past that is pretty hard to rinse off because its too moisturizing, but this product is very easy to rinse off and gives your face quite a tight feeling afterwards. It makes my face less oily during the day.

2. Biore Oil-Free Shine Control Moisturizer - This is my staple moisturizer! I can't go on a day without this on my face. I love it because the moisturizer cream is so light but not totally watery and goopy. I sometimes think that this product was designed with me in mind (haha lol!) because it keeps my face hydrated without the oily, icky shine.

The one thing I don't like is the smell... I like it when my products smell nice, but this one isn't floral or fruity and what not, but it's not exactly smelly.

I like it enough because it keeps my skin soooo smooth ever since I started using it.

3. iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Facial Cream - Again, I am not trying to whiten! :( I mainly use this for the SPF 15 it provides when I'm just at home away from the sun and working infront of the PC.

Before, I was using Clean and Clear SPF15 Moisturizer with Vitamin C for the sunblock but I kind of observed that it was oxidizing and making my face look pale-purpleish. I didn't like the cream as well because it wasn't very absorbent and sometimes left streaks.

I was going through Watson's and was open to try the iWhite products. I first bought a sachet of this and tried it for 3 consecutive days. It settled nicely on my skin and I've been using it for almost 2 weeks now.

4. When I go out during the day I ditch the iWhite in my regimen and use Skinfood Aloe BB Cream SPF 20. I like it well enough because it helps me achieve that flawless look I love.

I use BB creams and I consider them more on skincare than makeup. Other people can say otherwise but well... I love it because it helps cover AND reduce the blemishes in my face. I especially love it when I am photographed and some of my friends wonder why I look flawless. It has helped reduced my darkspots gradually, too.

My full-sized tube is running out so I really hope that the Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream SPF 20 comes next week! You might be wondering why I'm going to use a different product when the aloe is already good to me. Well, I am going to try out a new one and see how it fares. Aloe makes me kind of oily after 3-4 hours and I have to blot and apply my Ellana oil-absorbing finishing powder again.

Well, that's just about it for my morning skincare routine! Basic products, and they really work well for me. I'm actually looking into Skinfood products and Innisfree products. I'll try some testers out if they sit in well with my skin. I have yet to branch out my line but I don't like to experiment with my face very much. That's why some of my friends who are into makeup and skincare have what they themselves call a "wonky face" because they apply various kinds or products and finding out a little later that it doesn't work or worse, they have bad side effects like redness, tiny pimple-like bumps or give them breakouts.

I love my skin because it doesn't give me much acne (except 1-2 pimples at the onset of my menstruation, lol TMI) though it has little bumps and craters but I think they are pretty normal anyway, everybody has them.

Thanks for reading you guys! See you around!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Southeast Asia Youth Movement


The Youth Engagement Summit (YES2009) is a platform
to create a cadre of engaged, active youth leaders dedicated to making positive changes happen in their communities and in the world. Youths are not just leaders of the future, they are today's leaders in their own schools and communities.

Hence, it is with this in mind that the Youth Engagement Summit has been established to bring together youths, active youth leaders, world leaders in business, government, entertainment, and the general public to a platform where opinions, discussions and experiences can be shared.

The 2-day summit which is hosted in Kuala Lumpur this November, brings together some of the most inspiring, engaging Global Change Icons.

We’re giving 500 Southeast Asian youths an opportunity to be inspired, meet people and experience Malaysia in all its glory. Why are you still there reading this? Head over to for the next step!

What will you get when you are part of SEACHANGE?

Free Trips to YES2009 Worth USD$2,500

Do the survey for the SEACHANGE YOUTH REPORT. Be heard by global leaders. Be in the running free trips to YES2009 worth USD$2,500 each!

  • Learn more about YES2009
  • Learn more about the rules and regulations of the FREE TRIP

Meet youths who share your goals

Ask them questions, get answers, share ideas, meet friends who have the same goals.

Get support from leaders and organizations

We have partner organizations ready to develop programs to help you with your personal change needs. The more youths voice out on what they need, the more programs, opportunities, and activities we can bring in!

Your membership in SEACHANGE also means you're part of the community specializes in bringing organizations to listen to youths. We've helped Malaysian youths be part of 200+ research projects and organized the country's largest youth festival with them. This means SEACHANGE will get proven support... but focused on more partners and more of your personal needs!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aicha's Pink Motif Giveaway!

Hi guys!! Finally its time for my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! Nothing really fancy but I hope we have some fun!

First of all this is a Philippine-only giveaway, so I am mighty sorry for my friends who live outside my country. I really don't have enough to fork over for the shipping fee. But if you're from outside the country but you can provide me with a Philippine address (friends/relatives that can send you this little package) then by all means, I strongly encourage you to enter!
Giveaway ends on OCTOBER 30 12:00mn you guys! I hope I have at least 8 people who will join. I WILL DRAW THE WINNER VIA RANDOM.ORG IF I CAN LEARN HOW TO USE IT! HAHAHAH. I will announce the winner the very next day.

1. Follow me!
2. Post a this giveaway on your blog (nothing really fancy, just a little line along with your regular blog post is already awesome to encourage people to join in on the fun)
3. Comment me with your name and email, and answer this little question so I can get to know you a little bit better: DO YOU LIKE PINK? WHY? WHY NOT?

"I just recently like pink! I used to hate pink because I couldn't wear it as my mom deemed me too morena to wear pink. It used to make me feel sad so I started resenting pink! But when I started looking after myself, prettifying myself I found out that I can wear pink if I wanted to! WHO CARES! I like pink... BECAUSE I CAN! It made me think that nobody can tell me what to do at all!"

It doesn't have to be that long. Or it doesn't have to be that short! LOL! AND HERE ARE THE DETAILS OF THE PRIZES !

be CREATION's Crayon 3-Colors Eye Shadow C3E (802)

Click for a larger picture!
I hope you'll like it! The first eyeshadow is a really nice maroon color, the second is such a cute pink shade! Super cute! And the last shade is a glittery white.

be CREATION's Crayon Cheek Color (CCH 802)
A really great peach color! I don't wanna swatch it because it means opening the plastic cover all over it and I don't like swatching stuff that other people will use. More surprise for the winner anyway! ^____^

be CREATION's Crayon False Eylashes
I've seen most of the ladies here put on false eyelashes and I myself wanted to try it but I have yet to learn how to put it on. Anyways this is for you ladies to enjoy, I just hope the winner mails me and tells me how it looks on her! I like this because it looks natural enough :)

BeautyCredit's Auto Lip Gloss OR07
I have this in the same color as well! And this is a really nice light pink gloss that has shimmery stuff, too. It makes your lips suuuper shiny and pretty. Its a nice enough gloss to wear everyday.

Your Heart and Mine Swarovski Earrings
This is what I've been waiting for to complete my giveaway! Finally I have it with me and I want to thank Kathleen for making this awesome pink heart earrings. It comes with a pink box to match the whole motif!

Lioele AC Trouble Hunter Toner and Face Lotion Trial Bottles
One of the Asian brands I like is Lioele! If you remember I like their Beyond the Solution BB Cream and when I ordered it it came with this trial bottles. I want you to get a chance to try it. Its super cute and tiny. AND PINK! Lol!

This is just a super thank you to the ladies that I met here. Thanks for reading, commenting and following! I hope you like my gifts! Send your stuff in!

If there's any question, please do email me at[@]gmail[dot]com it's my first time doing a giveaway so if there are any comments/criticisms I welcome it!

My Swarovski Jewelries!


Every girl loves sparkly stuff! I was just browsing for stuff all over multiply until I found a site that sells Washi Wallets and Sculpey in one store, both of which I wanted to get immediately. But I chanced upon one of the seller's albums selling swarovski bracelets, earrings and necklaces, and each piece was absolutely wonderful and shiny and made of stars! Right at that moment, my love for swarovski crystals began and within a matter of minutes, ballooned! I love the swarovski pieces so much that I would just do all possible ways to get my hands on some.

I was hesitant to order at first because the pieces displayed in the seller's album weren't really cheap. So just last week I began a swarovski quest to find some pieces I liked, something simple really. I Here in my city I've looked everywhere for sellers of these and so far all I discovered was that there are a lot of imitation stuff out there. I did my own research so I knew that Swarovski crystals can be faked and you wouldn't be able to tell except under a magnifying glass.

Because I couldn't stop wanting to get my hands on some so I finally PM'd the seller, Kathleen of Pumpkin Beads, who is the nicest seller I've ever come across. I told her if she was selling swarovski crystal jewelry, only something simpler, like a heart necklace in plain white crystal. She said that though she already sold out those kinds of pieces and weren't making them anymore, she could make me something in a jiffy! I decided that I wanted 2 earrings, a pink heart one and a star-and-moon combo plus 1 heart-shaped white crystal necklace. It just took like 2 days tops and she messaged me that she finished it all! Lo and behold these absolutely cute, superbly wonderful, breathtaking and quality creations:

I paid her through BDO deposit, and within 2 days I got them delivered safe and sound. I was jumping up and down when our friendly mailman delivered these to me. I can't believe that I had new pieces to add to my collection:

This is the simple pink heart necklace from Korea this year:

And this is the pink drop necklace from Japan that my sister gave me 2 years ago:

SIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I love them so much. I am wearing the white heart necklace as we speak. Sorry its so dark here in my room--but look how it shines~)

I think I will order MORE!! Hahah!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Camera-Less (Rants)

Since my sister royally busted up my digicam I've just spent a good amount of time being camera-less and its so irritating! You know how fun it is to be with people you love and just take lots of pictures, I can't even do that now. And I LOVE taking pictures. I'm a snapshot kind of girl.

I have to take the camera out to the repair shop because there's no Casio service center in our city, you have to go mail the whole thing to another city and some annoying stuff like that. My camera is a Casio Exilim and I like it, it's standard but takes nice enough pictures. If I had money to burn, I would buy another one, but cameras in the market today cost a lot. If I had that kind of money, I would rather use it to buy a DSLR for myself! Hmpf!

I am scrambling to find alternative ways to put my pictures up. I was going to share some stuff that I just got. I just got a really nice liquid eyeliner from Crayon, a new polish from Revlon, a Maybelline mascara (didn't you hear? Maybelline is on sale!), some shoes I bought and a really cute top. Plus some of the stuff I got from Pumpkinbeads (you can see the stuff on the sidebar---Surprise! One of them is included in my giveaway! ^^) I also wanted to share some FOTDS! Now I CAN'T!

Having no camera is such a party pooper when doing my blog! I am a visual kind of person, each post MUST have a picture or else it feels very blah. JUST LOOK AT THIS POST! IT SUCH A HUGE HUGE BLAH!!!!

Finally, I wanted to post my giveaway already because I have all the prizes I needed! YIPEEEEE! The only raincloud on my parade is my being camera-less. I am unable to take pictures. Its so stupid. I used a cameraphone today and I think I got some really nice shots, the problem is the stupid phone uses a micro SD and we only have a memory card reader for SD and MMS Duo! ARRRGGHH!!

I hope my next post will have lots of pics! I am so frustrated and annoyed right now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mio Fights Cancer Purchase

This is just a short post to thank Frances for mailing me my purchase despite her incredibly busy schedule. I was so happy to receive it and I can't wait to get to use the product. A little part of me was nagging that I should have purchased more, because its not everyday that one can buy cosmetics that helps someone else. It is especially important because this is for Mio, fighting for his life battling cancer.

The moment my eyes set on Mio's face, I was extremely saddened... This little boy, at the beginning of his life... its just so terrible. Mio also reminded me of my little 8-year-old nephew, Hisashi:

Hisashi brings us joy and happiness, as I'm sure Mio does to his own parents and loved ones. So a huge happy claps and thank yous to everyone involved in Mio Fights Cancer fundraising campaign! I am sure that he will pull through with everyone's love and support!

I'm giddy at my purchase, the Skinfood Black Garlic Emulsion and I hope that what little money I gave helps in any way!

If you want to give your support, please do head off to Frances just put some new stuff in!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shiseido: Majolica Majorca Powder + Tsubaki Damage Care Set

Thanks to my sister I was able to get my hands on a Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder. I was expecting the Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing along with it and 2 blushes but my sis forgot to bring the bag where her makeup and the rest of my MMs are. It's crazy. She totally has no make up in her bag. We even have to go to the mall tomorrow and buy her a temporary make up kit just for her 2-week stay lol!

I am really really excited to try it out. The packaging simply screams at me to use it ASAP. It is sooooo pretty. Who can say no to a bejeweled compact?! I can't! But its hard to think of using it and thinking about it getting used up. Thank god for refills. LOL.

Photo from

I'm sure all of you have heard of Majolica Majorca. I am one of the many avid fan of this line by Shiseido. Packaging pa lang, winner na. But there's more to make up than what meets the eye.

This MM Powder was given 4/5 stars in Make-Up Alley reviews.I am totally psyched to hear that "after applying this powder on primed skin (with or without foundation), pores are noticeably minimised, especially if you have comparatively larger ones on your cheeks" and that it is "one of the best at covering enlarged pores! Even better than Mac blot powder or any other powder I have used. It is transparent, very light and very finely milled"

I hope to provide my own thoughts one day. Drats, when will I hit pan on my BeautyCredit pressed powder?! I want to use it na! LOL!


Another stuff that my sister bought for me is the Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care set which has shampoo, conditioner and treatment cream. I have to tell you guys that I've been wanting this so much since June because it was at that time that I discovered the awesome effects of Camilla oil inside this Tsubaki hair care product.

I was thinking of the getting the Red set because it seemed like a more popular choice. My sister told me that she was going to buy me tsubaki but the white one because this was the best shampoo that she tried! Now I remember how shiny her hair always is even if she has colored her hair completely light brown and back to black again.

I was sure that she would have like one of the people who have coarse, breakable hair (she also styles it with a hair dryer daily.) but her hair has remained shiny and healthy-looking. This is her secret! Tsubaki! It smells so good, leaves your hair soft and shiny and manageable all day!

Oh, and yeah, I saw Eki's post about Tsubaki, too. You can check it out HERE.

I am now looking forward to even more hauls from Japan! I can't wait to get more. I can't seem to get enough.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maui's Thank You-Giveaway!

Maui of Makeup, Rants, Musings and More is having a hip giveaway for her followers.

- Small clutch thing from the MAC Holiday Heirloom Collection (correct me if im wrong haha)
-MAC Individual Lashes
-Sample of MAC Pigment sample (hehe it spilled but still half full!) in Reflects Blue
-BB Cream Sample in Premium Gold Caviar
-BB Cream Sample: Super BB
-Rimmel Colour Rush Quad in Smokey Noir (swatched)
-Kirland Mineral Shimmer Powder
-Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in After midnight
- ELF Professional Smudge Eye Sponge
-ELF Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo
-A jar sample of my HG Product! RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
-Urban Decay Sparkler pen in Dynamite (not pictured)


Friday, October 2, 2009

Mina's Gifts!

This post has been sitting as a draft in my dashboard for way too long. This has been such a busy, busy week xD

I entered Mina's Giveaway and I could not be more psyched to hear that I won it!

Last Oct.2 I just got out of the shower and lo! My sis told me that I got a package waiting for me. I rushed to it and felt perfectly perky to see that it was Mina's package. I mailed her immediately to let her know it arrived safely and thanked her.

Mineral Make Up
30 Mineral Make Up Samples! YAY! xD
2 Mineral Make Up Blushes in pots. I love the color. I finally have a blush! Hahah!

Trial Pack
Dr. Jart UV Protective Shining Base SPF 50++
Feverfet BB Crema SPF 30++ Whitening
Skin Food Agave Cactus Toner
Skin Food Agave Face Cream
iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Aqya
iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Facial Cream SPF 15
iWhite Ice Wine Rose Petal Mask
iWhite Whitening Pack Peel-off
Vaseline Healthy White Lotion
Body Recipe Skin Lightening Hand and Body
Cyleina Grapeseed Soap

And then she added a little note that really made me happy! Its always a really awesome touch that little love notes get added to the package, no? It makes me feel all warm inside.


This makes me want to speed up my own giveaway, too! Last weekend I just bought some goodies and I AM SO EXCITED. I am hope you'll all like it. The only sad thing is my sister finally admitted that she broke my digital camera. Grrr. Well, nothing can be done anymore. I'll just find a way to get some decent picture of my giveaway prizes and start the ball rolling next week.

Hope you'll be having an awesome day, everyone!

Who's Gorgeous? I'm Gorgeous! :D


By Adin of Spoiled Rotten

List 6 Interesting Facts About You~

1. I am a very non-confrontational person. Most people know that I rather not get into any kind of fights. Sometimes this causes me to question my own strength, because it seems like I can't fight for myself. But recently I stopped thinking that I am a weakling. I think that my strength is my resiliency, my ability to be civil and polite, plus my love for diplomacy: I believe in talking it out rather than hurling hurtful words and clashing of fists.

2. Extremely friendly. Too friendly. Even if you're an acquaintance I don't keep a wall up. I welcome people very warmly. Sometimes my friends think I'm gullible. My boyfriend has voiced his concern about me being too trusting. Whereas I am just puzzled why they would rather view people negatively. There's already too much distrust in the world! Being unfriendly and aloof... where does that get you? Nowhere.

3. I don't eat vegetables. They taste terrible.

4. I have the weirdest dreams! They are just so vivid that when my dreams are funny, I totally laugh out loud, and when they're depressing and scary, I cry upon waking up. An example of my dream: I ate the ashes of my mother (she's alive, but in my dreams she was dead) and I can totally taste that the ashes were chocolate powder! I also dreamed of dead babies floating in a green river and me in the center of the river, swimming, crying, trying to get out. I remember my dreams a lot, too.

5. I can't buy anything more than P1,000 for myself but I can easily shell out more than P5,000 when it comes to my loved ones! Heheh I don't know why it's like that. I wanted to go for a little shopping spree at the mall with the P3,000 I saved up, but I kind of procrastinated because I felt blah. I just kept it and thought that I would use it to buy my family and friends something for every birthday celebration.

6. I am the corniest joker alive. And I laugh at the corniest jokes too! I swear! Mababaw lang kaligayahan ko! Hahahah! Sample...

Question: Paano mo ipapasok ang Elephant sa refrigerator in 3 steps?
Answer: Open mo ang ref, ipasok ang Elephant, i-close ang ref.

Question: Eh paano mo ipapasok ang Giraffe in 4 steps?
Answer: Open mo ang ref, kunin ang Elephant, ipasok ang Giraffe, i-close ang ref.

Question: Tinawag ni haring Leon ang lahat ng mga hayop sa mundo. Sino ang hindi nakapunta?
Answer: Si Giraffe (nasa ref pa sya... LOLOLOLOL!!!!! *sakit tiyan*)

Question: Nasa isa kang malawak na river, kailangan mo ng makapunta sa kabilang dulo pero walang bridge at duon ang habitat ng mga crocodiles. Paano mo ito gagawin?
Answer: Lalanguyin.
Question: Pero kakainin ka ng mga crocodiles?
Answer: Wala sila sa river... Nasa kina Leon.

Hahahahah! Super funny!!

Thank you so much Adin!!! You're such a sweet girl. I got another award, and that's for another post! :) I am tagging....