Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Stories behind the Intricate Allegorical Tapestries

The Lady and the Unicorn, tells the story of a set of wall tapestries and the engaging story behind its creation.

The novel presents an artist, Nicolas des Innocents, who designed the tapestries through a commission by a high-ranking person. Though Claude is a brilliant visionary and artist he is known in his city as a man with a propensity for chasing anything with a skirt. When this artist meets his employer's wife and daughter, he is immediately drawn to them, most especially the young girl named Claude. Thus he began courting for her affection.

His seductive ways land him in bed with any girl he meets. One to love a whirlwind romance, he seeks out more and more. The tapestry links all the characters in complex weave of silk threads and beautiful patterns, showing off a tapestry that is an allegory of desire and love.

I'm really happy I had the luck to find this in Booksale yesterday! They're having a huge sale and I bought this for only P20! Sure, the book's not in mint condition, but it's more than acceptable! I love the inset pictures here, as they provided all the six tapestries in full color pages. What fortune :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

He Ran Away and Joined the Circus

Jacob Janowski is a 90-or-93-year-old man spending the rest of his remaining years in a nursing home, desolate and alone, he reminisces about his sad but chaotic life as a member of the renowned circus, Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth.

Way back then, Jacob was a veterinary school freshman at Cornell. He was just about to take his finals when he heard the devastating news about the death of his parents in a car accident.
His mind blanks as his world collapses on him. Without warning or reason, he ran away and found himself working for a circus.

Jacob's talent with animals (and his unfinished veterinarian degree) lands him as position as the official circus vet. As he travels all over the country suffering from the after effects of the Depression, he becomes an important member of the circus, after managing to find a niche in the big crowd of dirty laborers, midgets, freak show clowns and the top circus performers.

The novel presents a harsh condition of a poor economy, starving circus members, abused animals and brutal, greedy owners. Yet there is beauty in this ugliness and chaos as Jacob falls in love with the circus, with its beautiful horses and morose monkeys, angry lions and the extremely special Rosie the elephant; and finally falls for a married showgirl where all trouble ensues. The story simply engulfs you from the first page to the last.