Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello, Healthy-Organic! Aloha, Organic Garden!

I love my city and its diverse shops that feature local produce!

One of my favorite businesses is Aloha Organic Garden, and I was happy to see them at last week's SM Eco Fair. Their booth was bursting with varieties of herb plants in colorful pots, and their famous organic products lined neatly in shelves.

What's amazing about Aloha Organic Garden is the shop is down-to-earth in its simplicity and you can really tell that Koko Saljuga, Aloha Garden's owner(/entrepreneur/organic farmer/cook grill master/TV Personality) put a lot of effort in it in terms of caring for herbs. Aloha grows good, healthy plants to get the best harvests!

I remember last year, Greencross surprised me with a little potted gift. I was searching for a Mint herb to grow and he found one via Aloha Organic Garden. I was quite so pleased to have a herb in our house, and Mint teas are pretty awesome! In just about 2 months, the little potted herb grew into quite the healthiest Mint bush I have ever seen.

"A'yo, gurl! I look so good, see, gurl"
Aside from mint, I also have the Cinnamon Basil plant which is a treat to smell! Have you had the chance to smell a cinnamon basil leaf? It's can put a smile on anyone's face! Aloha Organic Garden's dried herbs are the shiznit, look at these alluring bunch :)

So pretty!

Aloha Garden features more than just herbs, as they also offer 100% Arabica Premium Coffee :D I have yet to try these but they SMELL SO AMAZING. Very earthy and dark.

Awesome packaging! I really like it. If I were making my own coffee, I would definitely have these in my cupboard.

Below are packets of 100% Pure Cacao (Tablea) which I purchased because I have an obsession with all things chocolate. I am eating 70% Dark Chocolate regularly because it's healthy! But these 100% cocoa are perfect for hot chocolate. Before,I've bought from different local producers of Tablea and all of them tastes AMAAAAAAZING. There's really nothing like naturally processed cacao, and Aloha Organic Garden has that deep, non-sweet cocoa smell I've been looking for

I love that it comes in packets of gold and silver!

Their herb vinegar bottles are so popular in the city. I remember my first foray into tasting these herb-infused vinegar when Aloha Organic Garden was part of a local cooking fair; me and my family tried their Wagyu beef, dipping it into herby vinegar and there was a kind of HOOOMYGOD moment with my family. It smelled so good, so refreshing and it was perfect for that kind of flavorful meat!

What I bought from Aloha Garden

PHP 30.00

PHP 100.00 (pack of 10 pcs.)

I will be using the Strawberry Jam to replace our current one from Moilina. The latter is jam-packed with sugars and preservatives, and I was told that the Aloha Jam contains honey and has no preservatives at all, plus it has real Strawberry pieces, too! I will be making a chocolate granola bar with Aloha Organic Garden cacao soon and I will post a quick recipe about it here.

I hope you had fun reading! Let's support local farmers and their awesome products! :D
Thanks for reading~