Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Etude House in Davao

Sorry for dropping in and out erratically but I've been surprisingly busy because of work, travel, school and moving!

Even though I've been a bit busy I made sure to drop by the new ETUDE HOUSE in Abreeza Ayala Mall! I was so excited when they announced that they would be opening in June 10, but then the opening got move to June 16! It was a bit frustrating for me and my friends but it was alright since we were given more time to save money :)

I must say that I LOVE Etude House! And I just came to post some good cheers about the new products I bought.

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Deep Black is something that I've always wanted to come by but the Liese Hair color, which basically is almost the same with the EH Bubble, is incredibly pricey. Around P600-900 price range. But this EH Bubble Color is a great steal around P320.00 which I got at P300 because there was an opening sale going on!
And here is the end result after coloring it a day before: (Excuse Greencross behind me, he likes to photobomb a LOT. You will see more of him later XD )

You can see how the color is indeed, a deep black! But IRL it looks a lot more natural! I've grown so tired of my highlighted hair... I have naturally dark brown hair, and the colored highlights made it even browner. As much as I love the brown color, seeing it day in and day out on the mirror is tiring. So I took the chance to do some DIY Hair color! See this before and after pic:

Another product I love is the Dear Darling Tint still from Etude House

I'm pretty used to lipsticks, especially matte ones, to bring a slight hint of color to my lips, but I tend to stay away from gloss because it makes me feel like I ate something greasy! I tend to do lip balms instead to moisturize. But since getting the Dear Darling Tint, I've no problem of swiping the gloss at all! In fact, it dries up fast without chapping my lips. The color is also super nice, because it's so light and so natural.

Before :((( Pouting because I my lips are bare.

Below is also the before and after! You can see the slight pop of color the tint brings! I think you can also enlarge this to see better. (Greencross is now accompanied by my friend, Chloe! XDD They really like photobombs.)

Goofing off!!!! Sorry my face looks really stupid XD

I also got some small things like 5pcs of sheet masks in various flavors but I really don't have the time to rest :( It's sad really...

Have to drop out now and gotta grab a quick lunch and go back to work! :(

Friday, June 3, 2011

Travel Post: To Manila, and Beyond!

Traveling to Manila today! :D

It's been quite a while since I landed in the Metro and this time I am immensely happy since I'm doing 100% vacationtime with my boyfriend XD He's also taking me to Star City and go to that Winter place with all the snow.

I've been prepping for the past few days and trying to finish all my tasks on time so that my officemates won't be troubled/burdened with my tasks because I had to take a short leave.

I've reached out to blogger friends to ask their recommendations and they've been so helpful to me. I hope I can shop as much as I can! ^______^v

See you soon, Manila!