Friday, June 22, 2012

Travel: Pearl Farm Vacation for My Summer's Last Hurrah!

June has been more than kind to me and my frazzled nerves! The past months have definitely been a handful, with work left and right, and barely having time to really take some quiet time and not get those terrifying surge of rush and panic: that-"ohhh, wasn't I supposed to finish X and Y and Z by tomorrow?!"-feeling every 5 minutes. I can tell you that's not always a happy time, that's a lot coming from me, the queen of breaking deadlines before the deadline it even realizes I'm all "...hasta-la-vista-baby!" with a smirk.

So my June vacation leaves were a kind treat to me before I got thoroughly down with burning myself out. I love that I was given 5 days (3 working days + weekends!) to feel refreshed and see a lot of places! Together with our friends Pat & Ren, we went to Pearl Farm Beach Resort which is one of the best beaches in the country.

Aside from all those food trips all over, I had also some time to practice some of my hobbies. I've been learning to watercolor now, and though it's going slow, I love the times when I just sit down quietly, tapping little brushes and splotching color on rough paper :)

And this is my watercolor desk inside my room. Bring in some Bon Iver music and you have a very happy girl.

July is catching up and I can't help feeling like I have to wait again for a long time until I can have another taste of summer. I used to feel really excited about August/September/October because it's one of the 'cooler' months but now I'm longing for summer just right after it has come to a close.

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I love strawberries.

EDIT:  I made a simple new header. Figured I needed a new one. I'm not very good at digital painting as much as I'd like but no one really makes a mistake with a meadow, some mountains and fluffy clouds, right? Featuring one of my favorite quotes in the whole world!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trying my hand at watercolors :)

During the month of May, it was very pleasant since I gotten re-acquainted with watercolor painting. I have a new Prang basic color set :) It's wonderful because it is so pigmented and very workable.

I've done just a couple of coloring exercises. Nothing too impressive, I hope I can learn and become better at watercolors faster :(

Because I want to fuel this passion, I bought a 'painting' desk (just an ordinary corkboard study desk, nothing too fancy) so that I can have an area in my room where it's brightly lit and I can watercolor in peace... Meaning, not get distracted by the glaring monitor and the urge to browse about my favorite websites.

I like this desk because the horizontal board folds up and closes like a little cabinet. I store some artbooks there too, and if you look closely, there's a bunch of manga on the shelves along my videogame and anime toy collectibles. I need more, don't you think? Haha!

I feel that watercolors is very relaxing. All those wonderful misty colors. Sketching and coloring is a nice way to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Wishing you peace and quiet!
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Days ; Lovely Books ; June Book Pile


It's been a good month since I last posted, so you can tell I've been very busy! Busier than ever and working as hard as I can.

Book-wise, I would like to say that I have  made a substantial success in reordering my books: filtering the books that I want to give away and ensuring that all my favorites are accounted for and sitting prettily in my shelf. Because I'm the type of reader who doesn't give away the books after I'm done reading, I always have a couple of stacks of books around my bed, my table, my dresser and cabinet, and even in various places in our house :)

My novels stacked high, my artbooks haphazard among my stuffed toys
I've been compiling some books that I also want to sell, and I've been doing a good deal of trading (the "selling my books so I can save up enough to buy different ones" kind of trading XD ) at so if you want to catch some of my titles and to some different sellers, you can definitely have a good look. I myself am spending a lot of my time just browsing around

And below is a quick lineup of the books I am willing to part ways with~ They are pretty amazing and I've read them throughout the years!

"Read us, too! :)"
I know that I haven't even followed my April reading list for the same reason as my intro~ haaa~ I am really really busy! I can only squeeze readings after my work#1 (day job) ends and before work#2 (writing gigs) starts! I only recently finished 1Q84 by Murakami and it is so intense that I can't even finish the Review/Impression post for that. In other news, here are some of my June reads:

A Tanizaki novel that I got from My first Tanizaki novel!

I have added this to my to-be read pile as you can see below. These are the books that have been given to me, as well as a Kenzaburo Oe novel I've always wanted to finish for so long.
Some of my recent acquisitions
As June turns the tides, HarperCollins Publishing house sent me a new batch of books for review! I hope I can do more for them. They are very generous, and the books they send me are just amazing, I can't wait to read them.

Thank you for sticking by ~
I hope you have a very fun month ahead :)