Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poetry from Prose: Book Spine

Suddenly... Book Spine Poetry!

I've often seen some of these and always laughed and smiled and grinned! I never thought I could join in on the bandwagon. But I did! And my friends from the Davao Reader's Circle are doing this bit too! You should go check out the posts by Nephithyrion (Julienne) and Eat Ur Banana (Cham) because their posts are pretty superb :D

So here goes mine... (yeah, there's quite a bunch of bookmarks in those books LOL!)


Hippolyte's Island... 
the island of the day before!
One hundred years of solitude:


A suitable boy,
the groom to have been.
Never let me go.


While I was photographing these I was laughing! So this is ALL what it takes to become an award-winning and critically acclaimed poet? Hahaha, just kidding!

It's raining out and I had a fun time with my books :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: Glam Works Nose Pore Strip is the Best Pore Strips!

Hi everyone! September never stays this cold where I come from, and you know I'm not one for complaining... Oopsie that was actually a line from a song from Taking Back Sunday! But it's pretty apt, since we've been experiencing cold, wet weather for two months now, and even until the budding month of September. And it's even unfortunate that a storm has ravaged the northern part of our country tremendously some few weeks ago. I was, and am really saddened about the calamity.

Due to the weather, I've been staying at home more and more when the rain clouds are out and about. But during the cooler days Greencross and I enjoy walking to feel the cool breeze. We just walk around wherever, just like in the olden days when walking was a form of entertainment. There are times when we end up in the mall. And then I discover something new just like this product.

Glam Works Nose Pore Strips were sold in Watsons where we ended up one day, and I've been meaning to search for a good nose pack since I guess scrubbing my nose to get the dirt out isn't really working as much as I'd like to. I've been using some nosepacks and nose strips for a while but they don't seem to cut it. Don't you just hate it when you look at your face up close and you see an ugly blackhead-peppered nose? Eww!

Yes, it is gross, and it's hard to keep them away. I got the nose pore strips and when I arrived home I tried it. You will believe me when I say the Glam Works strips are pretty awesome in removing A LOT of dirt inside the pores.


If you're in for a
really bad

I warned you! kthnxbai.

That was pretty revolting, but I was ecstatic when I saw the results. I followed the directions:

1. Wash face
2. Wet the part of the nose where you're going to place the strip
3. Open a packet and separate the plastic from the white strip
4. Leave for 15-20 mins
5. Pull strip by starting at the tip of your nose.

And viola, a strip full of disgusting whiteheads and blackheads! It hurts like a sucker when you pull it off, and if you have sensitive skin the patch of skin on your nose may turn pinkish or reddish. (my skin is sensitive to tactile pressure as I have a weird skin disorder called Dermatographic urticaria which is not a big deal health-wise, but can be really weird! After the pore strips my skin raised up LOL)

But other than that I would definitely say that this is by far the best nosepack! I will be using this once a week (not a fan of the pain of pulling the strip and red skin lol)

If you find yourself having fair weather and you'd like to walk around, make sure it is in the general direction of a mall with Watsons store! You can find this product and you will love it like I do.

Thanks for reading!
Take care of yourself!