Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poetry from Prose: Book Spine

Suddenly... Book Spine Poetry!

I've often seen some of these and always laughed and smiled and grinned! I never thought I could join in on the bandwagon. But I did! And my friends from the Davao Reader's Circle are doing this bit too! You should go check out the posts by Nephithyrion (Julienne) and Eat Ur Banana (Cham) because their posts are pretty superb :D

So here goes mine... (yeah, there's quite a bunch of bookmarks in those books LOL!)


Hippolyte's Island... 
the island of the day before!
One hundred years of solitude:


A suitable boy,
the groom to have been.
Never let me go.


While I was photographing these I was laughing! So this is ALL what it takes to become an award-winning and critically acclaimed poet? Hahaha, just kidding!

It's raining out and I had a fun time with my books :D


  1. Aaah I like! Bliss jud ang first. The second one suddenly reminded me of Jane Austen hehehe

  2. Nice! Specially the second one... ;)