Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Ginseng Foot Patch Detox

Hi everyone~ I'm sure you're all tired and bored reading about facial skin care products. I thought that for a change you'd all like to discover some quirkier products for the feet! That's right! Our feet is equally important too.

During one of my trips to Saizen, I chanced upon this really quirky Foot Patch Detox pack. It looked a bit daunting, as it is written in Japanese Kanji and I could only make out a few Kanji and Hiragana. Good thing there was some English sprinkled on the packaging, or else it would have been all lost on me.

This is the Korean Ginseng Sole Sap Sheet that contains two pieces of pads. It is made as a one-time, single-person use. The packaging is in-your-face-herbal with a badass picture of a ginseng root. Personally, it looked like a freaking sorcerer's Mandragora plant. Or something.

The pads are made of a thick kind of paper with something inside. Upon closer inspection, it seemed like a mad gathering of tough, dried ginseng chopped up and ready to do its magic. It also comes with  a wide adhesive, wider than the pad of ginseng herbs.

So I put these things to good use, following the crazy directions as best as I can. The directions are pure genius, Japanese only! Take your lingua franca outta here! The best thing about this is that I'm a visual creature, so if I can't be arsed to read along the step-by-step I usually just glance at the picture and rip things off. 

So the first thing I did was to ask Le Kareshi (Mike) to put it on. I didn't have the raw nerve use it on me, and its a good thing since he has had this ache in his foot from walking too much in bad footwear and he was desperate enough to try it. He washed his foot first with water and soap and dried it off.

After plastering the pad, I pestered him with a lot of questions. At the end of the day, it turns out that somehow this did work. After about 4 hours of this being plastered on his feet, he felt some warmth all through out. I guess that pad was trying to suck out all that extra moisture in the body. It's crazy too, when we peeled off the adhesive, the pad had turned into the yuckiest shade of grayish brown! EWWW!

And all runny-moist from lots of foot sweat! DOUBLE EEEEWWW. Hahaha.

He didn't feel anything from the pad, nothing special, except when he said he felt a slight warmness. We had a lot of fun peeling it off just for the sheer grossness of it. I didn't take a picture of it to save you guys from ruining your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Well I hope you take care of your feet too. This is a recommended product since it's cheap and somehow it works as promised! 4/5 only since it is gross afterwards LOL.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Current Reads, Mailed Books and Tea Time

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday! Time seems so fast nowadays. Sometimes I catch myself staring at my calendar, not fully accepting that March is almost finished.

Just two weeks ago I started reading The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and it is just, for a lack of better word... AMAZING. No wonder I had this book on my wishlist for so long, about 3 years now.  It is almost magical without all that strange-world feel. It was so real and was so heartfelt and it moved my heart and mind, making me think that love defies the convention of time and age. If I can, I'd like to review it and give my impression of it. If I could only find the time...

A snap of yours truly thick in the busy plot of The History of Love
I finished the whole book at Starbucks while my companions were busy discussing our next short film venture. If you don't know yet, we have a small videography group comprised of 5 people including myself. I would like to ask for your support, please drop by our Facebook page, SolidBlack Videos!

In other news, during this month I received some mailed books sent to me by both 3L Publishing and HarperCollins Publishers which put me on the juggle since I am currently reading The Crazed by Ha Jin and my recent acquisition from the Reader's Circle, The Stanger by Albert Camus.

Here are the photos of the books (my gosh I love getting book packages!)

Between All The Flowers in Shanghai, California Girl Chronicles, and Gossip, on top of my other two current reads that's a lot of books to juggle! Hahahaha. But I don't hear any younguns' complainin' roun these parts, no siree bob! I think these books may be vastly different from each other but that's the beauty of reading. You're not tied to a single world, you're a traveler of an alternate universe!

Speaking of another world, I have shared some lovely time during the weekend with Mike sipping tea, in our imaginary farm, with all the small clouds and bright sun and the presence of a chicken. Whenever we have free time he would just go to our house and I prepare tea for him.

His father brought some biscuits for us the other day so I got that out and we shared it during tea time.

Aside from coffee, I think this drink can be beautifully paired as one reads a book. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from drinking tea. I love yellow tea the most, and oolong as well. Drinking tea dates back to ancient Eastern traditions, and it is usually drunk to enhance alertness and inner peace.

If you're not drinking tea yet, I encourage you to! There's nothing like good health and a bright mind to get you through the muddle that is life.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Books, Friends and Several Cups of Tea

The pleasure of books, friends and tea give me the few remaining solace that help me realize there are still kindred souls in the world.  And though daily stresses are abound left and right, but if one is looking for peace it can be found in a little corner of a bookshelf.

Our little Reader's Circle seems to be bustling about despite the hiatus! It's been about 2 meetings now and we've found a new nook in Via Cafe, a local artist-friendly tea house in Davao City. No other coffee shops can hold a candle to it in terms of simplicity and eccentricity. It is a compact 2-storey place with a winding staircase and walls sprinkled with framed poems and colorful, painted dreams. Don't you think those things are perfect accessories for a reader's circle meeting?

And wouldn't you know it, they also have on the menu a wonderful array of welcoming and kind-hearted cup of teas that please the palate and warm the soul. I think I may be falling in love with their mixes of Mint teas and Hirameki teas.
My honest cup of Hirameki tea.
Jesh is visibly surprised as a camera catches her and her glass of cold Mint tea.
 Last Sunday was a very refreshing meet. Not only did we catch up on books and our current reads, but we also took some time to fan girl/fan boy about our series that we're currently watching. A lot of us are into The Walking Dead, Community, and the like. I forgot to share that I am currently caught up in Downton Abbey. I don't think stuffy old English series would be a crowd-pleaser anyway, but I love them all the same.

Tookie, the proprietor of Via Cafe, cheerily baked for us some of her famous oatmeal cookies again. In the past they were as warm as sunshine, but now they are as bright and sweet as starlight. Which, coincidentally, a star was the shape she molded her cookies into. :D And they came with these little strips of her favorite quotes.

At the end of the day, I was able to borrow The Stranger by Albert Camus even though I had Ha Jin and Murakami to give my attention to and a very rare Junichiro Tanizaki coming very soon from!

I am really enjoying what little leisure time I have when I dedicate it to things that I love.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product: ORALABS Balm is LOVE! + Small gift haul from HK

My friends got back from Hong Kong last month and they gave me these goodies which I forgot at that time to brag about to you guys hahahahaha XD

I got some sunscreen and lipbalm from Sasa. The former I paid for coz my stocks of this precious sunscreen is running out and the latter is given to me as a souvenir gift. I also got some nice chopsticks that I can use! And some official looking keychain and a handful of chocolates!

Felt really happy!
More importantly, I think I finally found the lipbalm I've wanted my whole life! OraLabs Essential Lip Naturals SPF 15 in Cherry.

I used this and there was no hair sticking on my lip like there's no tomorrow. UGH I hate feeling that in my previous lipbalms, hair is disgusting so I don't want that near my mouth. It's a wonderful hard and waxy balm that keeps my lips moisturized even in the dry, cold office room. This balm is cherry scented too!

I now officially use this everyday since I got it.

Well, that's all. Really short post just to thank my co-worker friends!

Thanks for reading, I'm kinda sleepy now ZZZzzz...