Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Books, Friends and Several Cups of Tea

The pleasure of books, friends and tea give me the few remaining solace that help me realize there are still kindred souls in the world.  And though daily stresses are abound left and right, but if one is looking for peace it can be found in a little corner of a bookshelf.

Our little Reader's Circle seems to be bustling about despite the hiatus! It's been about 2 meetings now and we've found a new nook in Via Cafe, a local artist-friendly tea house in Davao City. No other coffee shops can hold a candle to it in terms of simplicity and eccentricity. It is a compact 2-storey place with a winding staircase and walls sprinkled with framed poems and colorful, painted dreams. Don't you think those things are perfect accessories for a reader's circle meeting?

And wouldn't you know it, they also have on the menu a wonderful array of welcoming and kind-hearted cup of teas that please the palate and warm the soul. I think I may be falling in love with their mixes of Mint teas and Hirameki teas.
My honest cup of Hirameki tea.
Jesh is visibly surprised as a camera catches her and her glass of cold Mint tea.
 Last Sunday was a very refreshing meet. Not only did we catch up on books and our current reads, but we also took some time to fan girl/fan boy about our series that we're currently watching. A lot of us are into The Walking Dead, Community, and the like. I forgot to share that I am currently caught up in Downton Abbey. I don't think stuffy old English series would be a crowd-pleaser anyway, but I love them all the same.

Tookie, the proprietor of Via Cafe, cheerily baked for us some of her famous oatmeal cookies again. In the past they were as warm as sunshine, but now they are as bright and sweet as starlight. Which, coincidentally, a star was the shape she molded her cookies into. :D And they came with these little strips of her favorite quotes.

At the end of the day, I was able to borrow The Stranger by Albert Camus even though I had Ha Jin and Murakami to give my attention to and a very rare Junichiro Tanizaki coming very soon from Blink.com.ph!

I am really enjoying what little leisure time I have when I dedicate it to things that I love.


  1. wala ko kaadto :(
    Next meeting mag painting session daw? adto jud ko ana!

  2. Julienne! XD
    Yes next meetup April 1 :D painting ta then kung pwede daw maka dala ug gamay na snacks. I think I'll bring some simple tuna/egg sushi rolls. Naay uban mag bake ug some stuff.

    Adto ha! Looking forward to it :D