Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Camera-Less (Rants)

Since my sister royally busted up my digicam I've just spent a good amount of time being camera-less and its so irritating! You know how fun it is to be with people you love and just take lots of pictures, I can't even do that now. And I LOVE taking pictures. I'm a snapshot kind of girl.

I have to take the camera out to the repair shop because there's no Casio service center in our city, you have to go mail the whole thing to another city and some annoying stuff like that. My camera is a Casio Exilim and I like it, it's standard but takes nice enough pictures. If I had money to burn, I would buy another one, but cameras in the market today cost a lot. If I had that kind of money, I would rather use it to buy a DSLR for myself! Hmpf!

I am scrambling to find alternative ways to put my pictures up. I was going to share some stuff that I just got. I just got a really nice liquid eyeliner from Crayon, a new polish from Revlon, a Maybelline mascara (didn't you hear? Maybelline is on sale!), some shoes I bought and a really cute top. Plus some of the stuff I got from Pumpkinbeads (you can see the stuff on the sidebar---Surprise! One of them is included in my giveaway! ^^) I also wanted to share some FOTDS! Now I CAN'T!

Having no camera is such a party pooper when doing my blog! I am a visual kind of person, each post MUST have a picture or else it feels very blah. JUST LOOK AT THIS POST! IT SUCH A HUGE HUGE BLAH!!!!

Finally, I wanted to post my giveaway already because I have all the prizes I needed! YIPEEEEE! The only raincloud on my parade is my being camera-less. I am unable to take pictures. Its so stupid. I used a cameraphone today and I think I got some really nice shots, the problem is the stupid phone uses a micro SD and we only have a memory card reader for SD and MMS Duo! ARRRGGHH!!

I hope my next post will have lots of pics! I am so frustrated and annoyed right now.

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