Friday, October 2, 2009

Mina's Gifts!

This post has been sitting as a draft in my dashboard for way too long. This has been such a busy, busy week xD

I entered Mina's Giveaway and I could not be more psyched to hear that I won it!

Last Oct.2 I just got out of the shower and lo! My sis told me that I got a package waiting for me. I rushed to it and felt perfectly perky to see that it was Mina's package. I mailed her immediately to let her know it arrived safely and thanked her.

Mineral Make Up
30 Mineral Make Up Samples! YAY! xD
2 Mineral Make Up Blushes in pots. I love the color. I finally have a blush! Hahah!

Trial Pack
Dr. Jart UV Protective Shining Base SPF 50++
Feverfet BB Crema SPF 30++ Whitening
Skin Food Agave Cactus Toner
Skin Food Agave Face Cream
iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Aqya
iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Facial Cream SPF 15
iWhite Ice Wine Rose Petal Mask
iWhite Whitening Pack Peel-off
Vaseline Healthy White Lotion
Body Recipe Skin Lightening Hand and Body
Cyleina Grapeseed Soap

And then she added a little note that really made me happy! Its always a really awesome touch that little love notes get added to the package, no? It makes me feel all warm inside.


This makes me want to speed up my own giveaway, too! Last weekend I just bought some goodies and I AM SO EXCITED. I am hope you'll all like it. The only sad thing is my sister finally admitted that she broke my digital camera. Grrr. Well, nothing can be done anymore. I'll just find a way to get some decent picture of my giveaway prizes and start the ball rolling next week.

Hope you'll be having an awesome day, everyone!

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  1. wow...congrats on winning a giveaway.....and me too I want a new hubby is letting me choose between the two for me birthday...and I can't decide....but I think I need the cam the most...haha...