Saturday, January 12, 2013

The New Year Book Update Special

Happy New Year!

The last few months before December and the holiday months have all been a blur of work, preparation and eating, enjoying time with family, delving a bit into videography with friends, business travel, personal travel, and being swamped with more work (yes, even if it was the holidays) and all those combined have made me a bad blogger and a serial non-reader.

After I had a wonderful time reading a small pile of books, I felt powerful LOL, like I could actually clear out my To-Be-Read pile so I implemented a No-Buy last September (my birthday month, the month which I always feel entitled to buy the books I want.) and it was all going very well, but until I stumbled on a cheap copy of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman when I was traveling in Cagayan de Oro.

My PHP50 Airplane book. And now that I'm back home, I haven't made progress yet.
Other than that, I did read a bit at very rare times when I had time to spare. My December 2011 wishlist consisted of Alan Lightman's Einstein's Dreams, and to which I can happily say I'm currently reading it! Special thanks to Kokoi who lent me her copy. She was so sweet and was generous enough to allow me to borrow it. The book is unfortunately right at my shelf now, being unread for lack of time (once again.)

Signal 10 Publishing were also kind enough to send out some bunch of books for review, which I will do by pushing back personal to-be-read books. Not because they're forcing me to read it, but because I am quite intrigued by these Asia-set novels.

Random House also sent me a book (same one, twice!) and I am very very excited to read this as this one is edgier than most of the books I usually read, and it's a memoir, too. I've read the book jacket blurb and it dealt mainly on a man's dysfunctional life and his habit of self-harm to try and cope with the bad things around him. 

As January is just waking up, I have plenty of things I also want to finish. The first one are the Graphic Novels lent to me by Gleb, one of my good friends who is an artist/illustrator and a really good one at that. You can check out his portfolio here. He loves these kinds of graphic novels and I asked him if I could borrow some.

The artwork is frikkin' gorgeous.

I wish I could paint like Gleb and the artists I see getting pubished at Vertigo. Unfortunately, the most I can do is a doodle of me with a goat (but hey, it's animated!)

For a final update, the book I'm reading now is Life of Pi. I've already finished reading and reviewing this book since 2009, but it never hurts to reread now that the movie is coming up!

I have no New Years Resolutions because aint nobody got time for dat! XD Less fake promises, more reading!

See you in a few days!
Thanks for dropping by~

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