Thursday, December 8, 2011

Book Wishlist: Einstein's Dreams

I don't have a copy of this though I dearly wish I did.

I did read snippets of this in a local bookstore and was so thrilled, excited, so at peace and left wondering. Could this be real? Is time really a circle and a mirror at the same time? Are all choices at all points of time really carried out in different worlds? To learn more information about Einstein’s philosophies and Theories, check out graduate schools online to find modern physics classes that can teach you about Einstein’s theory of relativity and how it affects people in their everyday lives.

It is an extravagant but quite wondrous thing, the idea presented in this book.

I am just sorry that the book is priced expensively for a small copy but I am saving up for it and I can't wait until I can buy.

Have any of you read this already? What did you think?


  1. I ordered a copy for my former other-half for his birthday. Given the price, I was most suprised at its slenderness when it arrived.

  2. Anonymous12:36:00 AM

    Lovely. I have found myself coming back time and time again in the 15 years since my first time with it.

  3. i read the book and i bought a copy before but i gave it to a friend as a birthday gift. but i have a granta magazine with an excerpt of the book. i'll find it and bring the copy next meeting.

  4. Thank you so much Chi! Any copy would be so awesome. I just want to read this one so much!

  5. @Susan - Yes, it's expensive for such a small book. But as they say, "good things come in small novels!" :)

  6. Anonymous,
    You are so lucky. I am so excited to read it, and it's good to know it has very high re-readability haha

  7. Anonymous1:40:00 PM

    aich naay copy si Bagane ana