Monday, December 19, 2011

FOTD: Light Makeup for Beach Wedding

Another FOTD! Your kind, encouraging comments on the first FOTD I posted have a good effect on me. I feel like I want to do better.

Last December 17, I was invited to a beautiful beach wedding, the bride was my boyfriend's older sister and a friend since highschool. She has always been so beautiful, but the radiance on her wedding day was unsurpassed.

She asked if I could be her Veil Sponsor. It was such an honor that I didn't know what else to do except to say yes. I was expecting just to be a guest, but the change of plans made me scramble to get a decent blue dress (her motif was Tiffany blue long with sunflower yellow but that shade of blue is kind of hard to find.)

Here was the look I hastily applied on :(

I used a sunscreen to base! You can see what face sunscreen I used here and why I like it! I also just brushed on my trusty Ellana Minerals Oil Absorbing Mineral Powder.

I used an Elf Lipstain for my lips and for my eyes, I used the Majolica Majorca Trick-On eyeshadow.

Finally getting some action after several months of non-use :))
Here is my simple dress which I got on sale P200.00 Hahah I saved a lot. Huzzah. I'm not a dress person so paying for P1,500 or more for a dress is not very practical. The shade is nice as well, the cloth is of good quality and a bit stretchy.

I'm very happy for her, we all are. And not a dry eye in the beach when they recited their vows, which was so sweet and warm and heartfelt, and especially when they thanked each of their parents. It was beautiful.

Here's a couple of pics with Mike's nieces who are so LAMBING! They hug you all the time and ask to play with you.

Til next time! I'll do better then :)

I hope you all had a grand Christmas celebration! Good health to you and your family. Good cheers, good times!

Friday, December 16, 2011

FOTD: Light Makeup for Party Look

DECEMBER -- is the month of COMPANY CHRISTMAS PARTIES! And what better way to FORCE me to wear a lot of make up is when the threat of non-conformity incident report is being waved in my face, resulting to future disciplinary actions by the company Admin. Sigh. In any case, here is the party make up look that I created.

This is my first FOTD so you can understand the newbie-ness of this. A lot of eyeliner and eyeshadow and I was ready to sit the night away! The best thing about the make up that I wore is that my face was made up in such a way that was breathable, despite the suffocating venue we had and the throngs of people that were there. I had very little to no oiliness, and it is a feat considering the natural tendency of my skin to act up when it's humid and the external factors i.e. suffocating venue. :))

What I wore for my face:

 That's Ellana Mineral Espresso Con Pana Oil Absorbing Finishing Powder and the Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Face Base. There was no need for foundation because the MM Base was good enough as coverage create evenness on the skintone (and also acts like a brightener, because I looked lighter for some reason?) You can click to enlarge the photo below:

I really liked that I was able to put on makeup without it melting at the end of the event.

I was able to sit there for a full 6 HOURS with only one retouch to my face in between. Though the lipstick wore off somehow because of the buffet dinner hahaha. Here is my face after the event!

And what do you know! My team won 3 awards for the Music Video that we made! Best Production Design, Best Director (ME! OMG!)and the overall winner title, bagging the Best Video Award!

My WINNER face below:

Slight smile. Coz she's too used to winning, this girl. Hahaha, kidding.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Products: Eye Stuff from Etude House, San-San and Maybelline

Hi everyone!

Today is the day you are going to be bombarded with a lot of images! New camera, hoo~hooey! ~

I'd like to present some of the things that I've been using lately, though sparingly. These are basic things that I've been experimenting on using. I don't usually go out fully made out in terms of makeup day after day, but I do get the chance during Mondays, the only day of the week when we are coerced to wear corporate attire and look presentable.

Here are my eye stuff! I find putting on eye makeup a hassle so I don't usually bother :P But I do use this really cute Eyelash Curler from Etude House!

If pink curler handles are not for you, you should stay away. It's very pink! Girly pink like no tomorrow! But it makes for a nice grip and a comfortable hold because the pink coating seems like synthetic rubber. Better that than wringing your fingers on tough metal. :)

The eyelash curler is silicone-based, so it's relatively soft yet firm. It's not hard plastic and the silicone is translucent. The box comes with one silicone extra, too.


So far I like it even for the barest thing it does. It does a poor job when it comes to staying power since I don't apply mascara or any other liquid that can help lift my lifeless eyelashes. Maybe I need to find something else better. But for less than P80.00, I didn't lose a lot.

Another gripe I used to have with this eyelash curler is that it had a funky, funky, old metal smell. It did seem to go away after some while.

My second eyestuff is the San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black. This is a new find I had when I passed by HBC cosmetics. They still have nice stuff there so I went to take a look and exited with this in hand.

I thought, It's ridiculous to have an eyeliner that's precise like this be priced so low! I like the way it creates thin lines. But alas like all other cheap stuff, it does have it's limitations. It's waterproof though! But not so much oil-proof nor soap-proof (well of course!)

It is enough for now. I work in an airconditioned environment so the liner stays okay even after a full 8 hours. As long as I don't stay in temperatures that melt my face and send my oily face to overdrive, this is good enough for the price I got it!

Finally, I introduce you to my lovely eyebrow gel/powder that I've had and used for more than just a few times! In fact, I use this every chance I get. This is the Maybelline Eyebrow Pot that I got from my sister. Tried googling it but I really can't find anything similar, not even from the Maybelline website. Maybe a Japan-only release?

So you can see that it's eyebrow powder in kind of a hard, pressed form. Let me tell you that this is wonderful. And it's a perfect shade for any brow! It's not so dark that when you apply it you can see the powder strokes, but just enough to give the brows a filled look that looks more like a shadow.

I use this one almost daily as I have the weirdest eyebrow shape in the world. I trim it as much as I can but it never looks trimmed. Bah. I may have to visit an eyebrow salon? I dunno. I can't wrap my head around it right now, but my brows look like they need serious help. The Maybelline pot helps a lot when trying to fill in the sparser outer end without it looking like it's darker than my inner hairs.

The good thing about this pot is though I've used it for a couple of months now, the amount of the powder doesn't seem to budge! Maybe it's a magical pot that never runs out? Let's hope it runs out when forever ends.

That's about it! In the next series, I cover my Face stuff!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Life: Do you keep a diary? Sharing mine.

 Aside from keeping several online blogs like This Late Bloomer, The Contemporary Reader and The Currency of Everything, I keep an actual paper diary that is more updated than all of them combined!

Though I have access to the Internet almost 24/7, nothing really beats the feel of a pen tip scribbling over a fresh page of paper. I have a Moleskine diary, which makes writing extra special.

I am proud I have one but it's not just because of the brand, but because the paper is just so awesome to write on. Several Moleskin users can attest to it. It makes the experience even more enthralling; especially when it is in stark contrast during these modern times where fingers are flying over the keyboard and electronic fonts, the art of keeping introspective and free-flowing ideas from mind to hand to pen and paper are almost lost.

I don't think that my diary is special or anything like that but it's enough for me to record events that I never want to forget. Whether what happened was a good thing or a bad thing, if it is something major, I write it down. I also write down some of my achievements, and my small and big goals. And also doodle if I can. Doodling makes me relieve the memories in a cheery manner. I draw mostly De Kareshi (Mike), my family, his family, our friends, co workers and people I create memories with.

But mostly Mike.

Date on 11/11/2011. Special entry in my journal because he asked me out and I didn't think he was capable of cheesy things like this.

I don't write daily, maybe every other day, and usually in the evenings when I plop down to bed, feeling fresh after a quick scrub-the-day-away bath and a fresh sheet mask on my face. I really enjoy these times as it feels relaxing, don't you think? How about you? Do you keep a real diary? What's in it? :D

Thanks so much for reading!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Book Wishlist: Einstein's Dreams

I don't have a copy of this though I dearly wish I did.

I did read snippets of this in a local bookstore and was so thrilled, excited, so at peace and left wondering. Could this be real? Is time really a circle and a mirror at the same time? Are all choices at all points of time really carried out in different worlds? To learn more information about Einstein’s philosophies and Theories, check out graduate schools online to find modern physics classes that can teach you about Einstein’s theory of relativity and how it affects people in their everyday lives.

It is an extravagant but quite wondrous thing, the idea presented in this book.

I am just sorry that the book is priced expensively for a small copy but I am saving up for it and I can't wait until I can buy.

Have any of you read this already? What did you think?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Schoolgirl by Osamu Dazai: Melancholic Contemplation

Arriving all the way from USA, I had a tiny traveler plop down right in front of my desk.

The moment I held the book, I immediately focused long and hard on the book cover. I've had my small share of contemporary Japanese novels and each had very interesting designs, but not one is as gently arresting as this Schoolgirl by Osamu Dazai published by One Peace Books. Soft yet stark. I'm not one to judge a book by its cover, but it certainly is a good way to hold the interest of the readers.

A closer look at the cover would remind one of things that are "beautiful in its simplicity". Everybody knows the Japanese aesthetics, a "set of ancient ideals that include wabi (transient and stark beauty), sabi (the beauty of natural patina and aging), and yûgen (profound grace and subtlety).*" Reflecting at these values, it's wonderful to observe how the cover follows the flow of wabi and yugen, isn't it?

But a book should offer more than just what meets the eye. Here is the book blurb: 

"The novella that first propelled Dazai into the literary elite of post war Japan. Essentially the start of Dazai's career, Schoolgirl gained notoriety for its ironic and inventive use of language. Now it illuminates the prevalent societal structures of a lost time, as well as the struggle of the individual against them - a them that occupied Dazai's life both personally and professionally."

Contemporary Reader's Book Preview for Schoolgirl

The book, at the first few chapters that I read, is wonderfully compelling and had underlying tones of  melancholia. It's almost the same kind of sadness you could feel on a Banana Yoshimoto novella, though the narration of this Dazai book has a sad, young voice where a Yoshimoto is the distant but resonating voice of pure loneliness. 

There are several lines in the pages that hit me like a kind, self-effacing bunch of bricks, one being:

(highlight is mine.)

I used to classify myself as a morning person. And I do believe that somehow I am still one if I could just get out the nagging anxiety of the magnitude of things I have to do throughout the day and the rest of the night until I can sleep and shut the world out again. 

"I never have confidence in the mornings," the Schoolgirl novel seems to mock me now. I wake up with more than just a greasy face, I wake up with a sense of dread about how... generally dreadful I look. I whine in my head about the unfairness of a company dress code that prevents me from donning on comfortable layers of huge shirts and denim pants all the time so I don't have to wear clothes that never seem to fit me psychologically.

On a happier quote:

I had this stint once where I was so into English royalty, the Victorian - Edwardian - Regency periods, and then I discovered a small path of French History in the era of Rococo and I was in love. With the curvature, golden frills, bouffant gowns, and everything that is delicate and lovely and printed royal floral walls, draperies and wing-back chairs. You name it, I love it. But there is so much art amidst all that beauty in Rococo. There is not one single flower that is not chiseled or not painted by hand, weaved and sewn to perfection. Despite what others may think as ostentation, everything in the Rococo designs I personally believe stands for the perfect virtue of beauty. "Which is why I love rococo."

I am well on the way to finishing the book, it's a small book as from what you can see below. It doesn't take too much space on my bag, so it's always on hand when I find a quieter nook and have some time to read.

I'm enjoying Schoolgirl one page at a time :) It's nice to savor the good things in life, and also Dolcetto wafer rolls:

Full review as soon as I finish! Check it out soon!
Thanks for reading.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Life: Bored at My Desk [We don't have Thanksgiving!]

Chewing some extremely super dooper doublegood Japanese candies. Oh boy are they so addicting.

Currently, I am at a place where I really have no way of updating the new things I've discovered during my absence. I don't have a very good camera right now and it sucks! My silence in the blog world didn't mean I stopped testing and re-testing various skin care products and doing a lot of adventures!

I am glad though that this absence has afforded me a lot of time to really use the products I'm using and getting the hang of things when it comes to skin care layering! I have an updated routine to share, too.

Did you know about Layering? I've only just about discovered it and so far I am on my trial and error and continuing my search for a good night cream that will moisturize my oily face. That's really a difficult thing, you know XD

In the meantime, I am enjoying my life as usual! I love the people I'm sharing my time with, some may annoy me but it wouldn't be the same without them anyway. We have a new addition to my family, a serious-looking little baby boy. Then I have a lot of things to do in terms of career and personal life.

I am doing all I can to expedite the process of acquiring a digicam that takes perfect shots everytime!

Til then, see you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Product: Chiisana Kawaii (Small and Cute) Purchases

Hi! How are you guys!

Even though I am fast running out of funds, I still took the liberty of buying stuff! I just can't resist really kawaii stuff.

I bought magnetic bookmarks because they are so useful and practical and they dont slip off the pages as easily as paper bookmarks.

And so cute too, look at the Kuma (bear) design:

They do their jobs really well, these kawaii bears:

Also bough cute tea time mechanical pencils

AND!! I got these Rilakkuma keychains too! I LOVE RILAKKUMA! ^____^

And this Rilakkuma head that I got from KAWAIIHOLIC online shop:

I used as my hand rest for work!
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kose Suncut UV SPF 50+++ Protect Milk Sunblock Review

Like any other girl who lives and loiters in the sunniest part of the world, I've been searching high and low for the very thing that can protect my skin from the year-round unforgiving heat of the sun.

I've tried a fair share of SPF-filled lotions and creams in various ranges but none has capture my love and my loyalty than Kose Suncut UV SPF 50+++!!! This is pure love right in this 30ml bottle.

To think that I made this purchase during my second haul from and I am soooo thankful I took the chance and didn't go for any other sunblock brand (I was going to go with Clinique City Block SPF 50!)

Directions for use:
1. On a clean face, spread generously and evenly.
2. Reapply as needed.

Product Experience: 
At first I was hesitant because the sunscreen liquid is white. I've been through that "white cast" or "grayish cast" that ordinary sunscreen usually have once applied on the face. But, it broke my prejudice since it is very, very easy to apply, goes on so smoothly, and the white liquid simply disappears as you spread it on the skin.

It is pretty watery, so it is a light but POTENT sunscreen. It doesn't smell funky at all. It's has a mild suncreeny scent but it disappears as it is spread too.

The best thing about this is that it doesn't make my face look like a grease ball! :D I have oily skin, and having this on even on top of my daily moisturizer DOES NOT make me oilier! Compared to all the other sunscreens I've tried, this one is KING.

I was kind of turned off at first that the reviews said it was a small bottle... But I guess there's a reason people complained about it being small! This is a really good product so much that you don't want to run out of this. And I don't want to run out of this sunblock. Not now, not ever. Unfortunately, I only bought one single piece!

Also, I wish that the twist-cap has a pop-up cap instead, but this complaint is more on the packaging and not the product. So basically, I have no cons!!!!! :)

If you ever want to buy this at, please be reminded that I am going to run out soon so you better save me at least 5 pieces because I am going to hoard this soon. This is fast becoming a product I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT! ^____________^

I hope to hear from you and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 II - Asian Skincare Brands Haul~ Again :)

Because of the very wonderful experience we had with our previous skin care and make up order from, my friends and I did more orders from the site with a lot more products this time!

My orders are just two kinds, the Kose Suncut SPF 50+++ which I will review very soon! I loved it! I am raving about it! And the other is the Innisfree Trouble Patch which I gave to Greencross :3

The box is almost the same as the previous one, but it's a lot more jampacked this time. Still paid the small Postal fee amounting to P40.00 :) I love love love it! I think everybody should have a friend in Davao that they can send International mail to and let that friends send it to them via private courier. It may take a bit of time but you can save on a lot! Haha, bypassing rules winz! (But not that I condone that...)

Here are the products that we have straight from the box.
And here's the breakdown on all the products we ordered (with prices, too, for your convenience!)

JUJU Cosmetics Natural Aloe Milk 
$12.20 or PHP 523.90
(I think this is an emulsion/moisturizer)

C+M Oil Control Acne Define Serum
$2.80 or PHP120.20
(a light serum for acne spot treatment)

C+M Anti-Blemish 3 in 1 Deep Purifying Cleansing Gel (70 ml) 
$2.50 or PHP 107.30

C+M EYE MAKE-UP Remover Lotion (65 ml)
1 $2.30 or PHP 98.70

C+M UV WHITE Day Moisturising Emulsion (65 ml)
$3.20 or PHP 137.40

KOBAYASHI Underarm Sweat Sheet (Red) 10 pairs
$4.10 or PHP 176.10

Kose SUNCUT Essence In UV Protect Milk SPF50 PA+++ Waterproof (30 ml)
$5.10 or PHP 218.90

MentholatumA CNES Acnes Medicated UV Tinted Milk SPF 50 PA++ (30 g)
$6.00 or PHP 257.60

SASATINNIE BB Cream SPF35 PA+ (Rose) 50 ml
$12.60 or PHP 541.00

Second picture--- This one is really pretty!

SASATINNIE Ultimate Deep Repair Wheat Protein Hair Mask (225 ml)
$5.10 or PHP 218.90

Conditioner cream of the Protein Hair Mask! Very rich!

Somang Hand Cream (Milk) (100 ml)
$5.20 or PHP 223.2

OCEANSILVER JAR Silver Jar Vanilla Lip Balm 6.5 g 
$1.70 or PHP 73.00

Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream (50 ml) 
$25.60 or PHP 1,734.40

Well, that's that! I'll be back with a bunch of reviews coming up so stay tuned :) You can leave your questions at the comments box or email me at

Thanks for reading!