Friday, November 25, 2011

Life: Bored at My Desk [We don't have Thanksgiving!]

Chewing some extremely super dooper doublegood Japanese candies. Oh boy are they so addicting.

Currently, I am at a place where I really have no way of updating the new things I've discovered during my absence. I don't have a very good camera right now and it sucks! My silence in the blog world didn't mean I stopped testing and re-testing various skin care products and doing a lot of adventures!

I am glad though that this absence has afforded me a lot of time to really use the products I'm using and getting the hang of things when it comes to skin care layering! I have an updated routine to share, too.

Did you know about Layering? I've only just about discovered it and so far I am on my trial and error and continuing my search for a good night cream that will moisturize my oily face. That's really a difficult thing, you know XD

In the meantime, I am enjoying my life as usual! I love the people I'm sharing my time with, some may annoy me but it wouldn't be the same without them anyway. We have a new addition to my family, a serious-looking little baby boy. Then I have a lot of things to do in terms of career and personal life.

I am doing all I can to expedite the process of acquiring a digicam that takes perfect shots everytime!

Til then, see you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Your little doodles are so cute! I'm too unorganized to ever have a diary! I would use it once and forget about it lol