Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Products: Eye Stuff from Etude House, San-San and Maybelline

Hi everyone!

Today is the day you are going to be bombarded with a lot of images! New camera, hoo~hooey! ~

I'd like to present some of the things that I've been using lately, though sparingly. These are basic things that I've been experimenting on using. I don't usually go out fully made out in terms of makeup day after day, but I do get the chance during Mondays, the only day of the week when we are coerced to wear corporate attire and look presentable.

Here are my eye stuff! I find putting on eye makeup a hassle so I don't usually bother :P But I do use this really cute Eyelash Curler from Etude House!

If pink curler handles are not for you, you should stay away. It's very pink! Girly pink like no tomorrow! But it makes for a nice grip and a comfortable hold because the pink coating seems like synthetic rubber. Better that than wringing your fingers on tough metal. :)

The eyelash curler is silicone-based, so it's relatively soft yet firm. It's not hard plastic and the silicone is translucent. The box comes with one silicone extra, too.


So far I like it even for the barest thing it does. It does a poor job when it comes to staying power since I don't apply mascara or any other liquid that can help lift my lifeless eyelashes. Maybe I need to find something else better. But for less than P80.00, I didn't lose a lot.

Another gripe I used to have with this eyelash curler is that it had a funky, funky, old metal smell. It did seem to go away after some while.

My second eyestuff is the San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black. This is a new find I had when I passed by HBC cosmetics. They still have nice stuff there so I went to take a look and exited with this in hand.

I thought, It's ridiculous to have an eyeliner that's precise like this be priced so low! I like the way it creates thin lines. But alas like all other cheap stuff, it does have it's limitations. It's waterproof though! But not so much oil-proof nor soap-proof (well of course!)

It is enough for now. I work in an airconditioned environment so the liner stays okay even after a full 8 hours. As long as I don't stay in temperatures that melt my face and send my oily face to overdrive, this is good enough for the price I got it!

Finally, I introduce you to my lovely eyebrow gel/powder that I've had and used for more than just a few times! In fact, I use this every chance I get. This is the Maybelline Eyebrow Pot that I got from my sister. Tried googling it but I really can't find anything similar, not even from the Maybelline website. Maybe a Japan-only release?

So you can see that it's eyebrow powder in kind of a hard, pressed form. Let me tell you that this is wonderful. And it's a perfect shade for any brow! It's not so dark that when you apply it you can see the powder strokes, but just enough to give the brows a filled look that looks more like a shadow.

I use this one almost daily as I have the weirdest eyebrow shape in the world. I trim it as much as I can but it never looks trimmed. Bah. I may have to visit an eyebrow salon? I dunno. I can't wrap my head around it right now, but my brows look like they need serious help. The Maybelline pot helps a lot when trying to fill in the sparser outer end without it looking like it's darker than my inner hairs.

The good thing about this pot is though I've used it for a couple of months now, the amount of the powder doesn't seem to budge! Maybe it's a magical pot that never runs out? Let's hope it runs out when forever ends.

That's about it! In the next series, I cover my Face stuff!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice post! I agree. Nice brows, a good eyeliner, a handy eyelash curler partnered with a great mascara is the best beauty essentials in prettifying the eyes! But I can't leave the house with eyeshadows! I just looove mixing colors! :P -Dawn

  2. Oh you're so lucky. I did try my hand at eyeshadows a few times but I end up wiping it furiously when all I see looking back at the mirror is a stupid girl who has dirt around her eyes :(

    I tried a lot of youtube tutorials but all of them don't look good on me except ones that is neutral light brown and peach shades, basically the barest color that left me wondering why I put it in the first place! LOL!

    I have so much eyeshadow hate :(