Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling Uninspired? Stop and look at the roses :)

Whenever I feel lonely or sad, or just generally down or uninspired, I always try to find things to cheer me up. If I'm not feeling too good about myself, I go to Google Images and search about clouds, puppies, small birds and flowers. Recently now, I have been saving a lot more images of flowers than anything... I have a folder called "Inspiration" full of the beautiful blossoms you see below!

Looking at the pastel color of the pink roses always calms me down and most of all makes me smile!

Maybe one day I will go to the market to see some really nice daisies and white and red roses plus those adorable baby breath blossoms. I would especially like it if I can see some real nice pink ones.

I think flowers make me think that everything will be OK.

Work is getting to me, I guess. I'm tired most of the time but at the same time I'm really psyched about it. I also want to work part time, but I have a strange feeling I will not be 100% on either work if I do, which is kind of unfair to my full-time work. I don't really need the money, but I will be more financially secure if I get another source of income though, so I can provide more for my mom/dad for their medicine and other expenses, as well as mine.

I get headaches and neckaches lately. And I feel like I'm not getting enough sleep. But I'm already used to this sleeping pattern so I guess this is just fatigue. I know people get burned out at some point, so I guess I'm not immune. But I'm sure this will pass!!!!!
All the more reason to open a Flickr account and get more pictures of flowers.

Sorry about this ramble! Thank you for reading. Feels therapeutic :)


  1. Good idea!
    The pink flowers look gorgeous! :)

  2. Love pink roses....hey, hope you feel might be something to cheer you up....