Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Wishlist Is Blushing!

I've been going on and on and on about Majolica Majorca lately. It seems it's the only thing that I want so so so much! Looking at the net (because we have no store here that sell it) is a huge thing, and I waste 10 minutes daily going to the Majolica Majorca site just to look at the cutest things in my world...

Although I already have some of their products, I can't help but want more more more. I want 5 of each powder type, each shadow color, eye products... And now I want these! So very, very, very much...

I'm NEVER EVER a blush person... I feel like my dark coloring isn't suited for blushes :( Plus, I don't even BLUSH anyway, so it would feel kind of unnatural. When I'm embarrassed, I don't flush or turn pink, I sweat like a pig instead. OH WHY CAN'T I BE DAINTY AND GIRLY?! :D

Now I want to collect all the blushes from the Majolica Majorca line because I've heard amazing reviews about them. Especially OR211! I would love to get them all one by one...

Plus this cute customize case to house them all in! Love love love~
It would look so amazing on my bureau... Together with my MM Skin Remaker/Pressed Pore Cover Powder Gold Case.

Another blush in my wishlist... Because by now you're sick of me and my obsession about MM... So here's some Jill Stuart to shut me up about MM! LOL!!

This is just so freaking amazing I can't even believe it. I love the fact that there is a soft brush with it! And the white color of the brush is complemented by the soft pinkiness (lol?) of the powder... It's just so dreamy, don't you think?

I love the fact that these two blushes look so good but it's not only beautiful on the outside (packaging), but both perform so well!


  1. hey, i have that MM blusher in OR211 and yes, it is sooo pretty! the peachy orangey colour isn't overpowering at all! I'm not sure about the staying powder though cz blusher doesn't last long on me since, like you, I sweat like a pig too! LOL.
    I love Jill stuart blush and other stuffs too! but they're waay out of my price range for now..>__<

  2. I used to have OR211 which is a pretty peachy coral shade. I regret giving it away. I still have both RD255 and PK33 though and they are both pretty! :P

    MM blushes are all pretty and awesome.

  3. I have that MM blush which I still hadn't tried on until now...hehe..but I'm so loving the packaging too....and Jill Stuart cosmetics are all so pretty...I think you'll look perfect with blushes even if you're morena...start with those peachy shades...

    and yup....I heard about the new forever 21...they say it was huge...

  4. lol that looks really good!
    i wanted to ask myself too!!
    why can;t i be dainty and girly!?!

  5. @aisyah and @pammy

    Ohhh you have them! Envy mode! :D
    I'm trying to save up for it since the price of MM products here are way jacked up it's ridiculous.

  6. Never tried any products from Jill Stuart brand but i have Palladio blush its great herbal and give a great look