Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life: Cheap ways to have fun

I don't have friends here in Manila yet, and it's hard to find kindred spirits if you keep odd hours and don't get out as much. Staying in during the Saturdays and Sundays don't do me good because I always get restless; I mean, hey, I have every reason to look forward to the weekend--I'm on the night shift team and it's not always really great at the office because work is quite intense! I think I deserve some fun, light-hearted things to do!

The only thing is I hate spending too much. Seriously, I get the hives when I spend a lot on non-essential things in life. Greencross is considerate enough to always take me somewhere, even for a walk around the block, or to the nearest mall and eat some ice cream. In this city where exorbitant living is required to have fun, we're breaking the mold and pushing the envelope in the attempt to have good, clean fun without breaking the bank!

Here's some nice things I enjoyed over the weekend:

Eiga Sai 2013 - Free event! This annual event sponsored by The Japan Foundation, Manila has always been a tradition for me and my friends back in my hometown. This year, I have Greencross to accompany me (but I'm no stranger to watching the big screen alone, as pathetic as that may sound haha!) and went to Shangri-La Plaza.
My favorite movies from Eiga Sai 2013:
* Confessions
* Rinco's Restaurant
* Mai Mai Miracle (Animated)
When we got to Cineplex, there was some guy who was being a big asshole, pushing his way in in the most gruff manner to get inside the cinema immediately. I felt really sorry for the guard and attendants who were in his way. How vexing, and how utterly rude!

Grocery Promos - We do quick grocery shoppings during the weekends for our weekly food staples. Though we shop at an upscale mall, we always do our best to keep the things we buy as cheap as possible! It's always a happy time for us to do the groceries. It's also fun to shop at Rustan's because there's so many "free taste" things and promo activities, too.

Last Saturday, there's was the Oreo Challenge promo (which wasn't so much as a challenge, really.) and I won some Oreo cookies and Oreo notepads. It made me happy hahaha! Here's a collage from photos taken by Greencross:


Last Sunday was a bit of a downtime for me, because I was quite beat for some reason. I wasn't feeling very chirpy but I guess it happens. I looked at Greencross engrossed in his game and was envious that he has Guild Wars 2 to enjoy and I didn't (I have a character but we only have one PC so most of the time he plays)! All I got are some cutesy games so I was feeling like I needed something fun, too!

Play On! Bought a Video game: I've missed playing videogames SO MUCH. These past few years it's all MMORPGS, but they don't have the same quality as platform RPGS (single player ones, yeah I'm a lonewolf like that (/////_-) lol!) I may not have a PlayStation or an Xbox unit anymore, but there's always the 3DS! I've decided on Fire Emblem: Awakening for a month now after having played a demo version; I was just waiting for the right time to strike (read: price drop!) But the need to grew too much for me so yeah, I got this brand new spankin' cartridge!


It's not very cheapskate with the price tag of P1,750 BUT! It's hours upon hours of gaming, sidequests, character development, awesome dialogue, adventures, frustration, happy things and such! And if gaming reviews are not mistaken, Fire Emblem: Awakening has an amazing "replayability" to it! So yeah, I'm excited for that. I really, really miss video games.

So that's it! My weekends are pretty eventful around here, if you're to call it that. I'm a simple girl of simple means or maybe mababaw lang kaligayahan ko, but yeah, any excuse to have fun and enjoy the good things in life is what I love best!

Thanks for reading~
See you next post!

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