Saturday, July 6, 2013

Food: Oishi Choco Chug Oaties Milk Drink


I'd like to share to you my new favorite chocolate drink. There's lots of competition in the market, but for me this is THE BEST drink that I've ever tasted and I thought that I should share this to anyone who reads this post; random people looking for really good chocolate drinks!

I saw this Choco Chug chocolate milk drink in SM Megamall last week while we were doing groceries and Greencross put it in our cart immediately after seeing the glint in my eye! I haven't seen't this choco drink before, maybe it escaped my notice because I was looking at the opposite aisle where my favorite milk is usually placed.

We just opened it last Wednesday and I keep on opening and closing our little refrigerator cox it is soooo good! Look, it has a little portion on the top box that makes it immediately superior to any prepackaged drink: You mark the "cup" according to which date you opened it. I marked the Wednesday cup!

Pretty helpful if you don't want to chug down stale drink. Then again, if you're like me, this will not last a week. (I had to keep myself from finishing it in a day.)

The 1-Liter pack costs about 69.00 which is way LESS than the other, popular brands of choco drinks. And apparently, it has finely ground oats!

Hmm, really? I didn't know "oats" can be drink-able, technically.

A rice measuring cup is superior to any mug! 

Apparently, some awesome magic can turn oats into pure, silky chocolate drink! It is really as smooth as it looks! No particles detected! It was so creamy and chocolatey but maybe because of the finely grained oats, it has that "full body" feel that you don't get when it's just water, choco powder and milk!

Ok, just because it is oats, and oats have lots of good things in it, doesn't automatically translate that this is a health drink. Maybe they can claim that they're healthier than the regular drinks, but I'm sure not by how much?

I'm too concerned about quelching my chocolate craving to think even think about "healthy" things! But for anyone who might be interested, here's the Nutritional Facts:

And following that, the ingredients list, of course. Notice that instead of suggars, there's Maltodextrin instead. I don't know it that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Oats is in the Top 5 ingredients, so I guess there's a lot of oats in there!

You know, this is really good. I finished what's left in the carton today! I'm posting this as I chug the last drop. And yes, definitely buying as a weekly treat for us!

Let me know if you can recommend me other awesome drinks like these; Or if you'd like to share your favorite drinks too--chocolate, vanilla, coffee or whatever! What's your "weekly treat"?

The carton has been recycled to be used as one of my "herb pots"! Next post, I will share about my new acquisitions: Potted herbs! How cute are those? I have 3 now!

See you then!
Take care~ 


  1. Exactly! I used to have Chuckie almost everyday before, but when the price rose up to about 90+, ay wala na!

    Even if I love it, I can't waste so much money on a drink. I feel your excitement, because I will be buying another Choco chug this week!

  2. I'd like to try this new chocolate drink from Oishi! Looks good and healthy. Will look for it when I go grocery shopping this weekend. Thanks for sharing! :)