Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Six Worlds and a New One

These are six books, the six different worlds, I have had the pleasure to read since arriving here in Manila. I've only been able to finish half of the total count. The moving AND the adjustment of moving to another place with a faster pace is stressful. The only good thing about Manila's transportation is that the 2-hour traffic gives me enough time to finish several chapters.

I've loved books since 20 years ago when my sister bought me my first boxed collection of fairytales. And from then on, reading and books almost defined who I was and what I liked. There's always something I can count on to relate to when it comes to novels. I remember reading about Pinocchio and being so mad; Pinocchio chose to follow the bad group of circus people and he left his aging father all alone. "Pangita ug batasan uy! (His attitude is ugly!)", I said angrily. I swore to never do that to my own father under whatever circumstance.

But look where I am now. A 26 year old girl who left her 74 year old father's nest. Now I feel like a terrible child.

I also remember hating Thumbelina for wanting to see what's out there for her in the wide expanse of the world. I hated how she didn't appreciate the lovely little room her kindly old lady made for her, with the tiny doll dressers, her little flowers and thimble chairs.

It's funny now how I think my world is so tiny; that even being here in this huge, confusing place I know that there are still bigger places than this. And how I'd love to see those for myself, too.

But, Manila has provided me with a lot of comfort to soften the blow.

I have my very own condo! Well. Not just me. Greencross and I live here now.

I love grocery shopping. I was hell bent on filling the refrigerator, so TAKE THAT! The fridge is now filled with vegetables, fruits, snacks, cheese, random leftovers for reheating, meat, deli slices +++ We try to ensure we don't eat junk a lot and we're opting for brown rice. It's so nice to eat brown rice because its so cute when it's done cooking and there's like little cyclops white eyes in every grain. Have you seen those things?

 It's very clean and our room is in a bright area of the building, almost facing the sun but not quite. Dusk and dawn here is absolutely pretty.

Thanks for reading~
See you!

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