Thursday, February 28, 2013

Books from Blink.Com.Ph!

I had no right to buy stuff I didn't budget/allot for. But online cashless shopping makes it easy to waive that right. I went ahead and splurged.

I bought four books from all for PHP1,000 (free shipping). I've been using their online book shopping portal quite a bit now, even just for browsing at least once a week. If you ask me, I personally think that Blink is a treasure trove for hard-to-find books that come really cheap (which is important for me!). I mean, you can always find "elusive" books--file a request from a local book chain or order from international shops--but goodluck with coughing up the $$$$ for it!

I received my orders without a hitch and they were packaged quite nicely, each book wrapped individually in recycled brown paper.

This is my second order from them and it is especially amazing that I almost always manage to find Japanese authors that I have always had a yearning to read. If you remember, I got my first Junichiro Tanizaki novel  from Blink as well. Now, I have both Yusuke Kishi and Osamu Dazai, too!

This was such an unexpected find. I had to make sure that there wasn't any "SOLD OUT" or "NOT AVAILABLE" label anywhere on the page. It's almost impossible to find a cheap Yusuke Kishi today, especially almost-new ones. Kishi has such a huge cult following that it's almost impossible to ignore him, and that's how I've come across his novels. Very highly-raved book. (CURRENT READ)

My first introduction to Osamu Dazai was the novel "schoolgirl", one of the books that One Peace publishing sent me. But this book promises to be so much darker than the former. Coincidentally, I have been actually watching Aoi Bungaku (青い文学シリーズ, "Blue Literature Series"), a 12-episode anime adaptation of six of the most popular and most read novels and short stories in Japanese literature. Aoi Bungaku features No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai in its first episode:

I've just about finished the series, and I get so creeped out at No Longer Human. I'm sure it'll even be eerier when reading the novel.

Some few books that I chucked in:

I bought this parenting book for my sister for her birthday on March 12. This is actually one of my favorite books I often read for fun back when I was employed in Bantay Bata 163. They had a lot of related books but this book has a lot of heart and wisdom in it. Since undergoing training and child-friendly sensitivity seminars, plus reading this book during downtime, it helped me let go of my preconceived notions about children's bad behavior and the difference between discipline and punishment.

Para Kay B is one of those books I promised to finish but never really gotten around to. This book was bought by my friend, Shane. (FINISHED READING)

I had a great experience overall with Blink! I love that they also gave me a freebie bookmark:

That's really nice of them, don't you think? I love little touches like that, as a consumer/buyer. Thanks for the nice service!

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NOTE:  This post is NOT sponsored. I just like to commend and promote the website in whatever way I can because I was happy with the service and simply because I felt like writing about it today! :)

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