Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: LOVE! Shiseido MA CHERIE (マシェリ) Haircare Set Review

Hello dear readers! Thank you for paitently waiting until I was sane again! Sorry for all the ramblings *sheepish* I was at a rather weird spot for quite some time, a bad mental state in which I actually thought my stupid randomess was brilliant to share.

Well, let me give you an apology in the form of a haircare review for a shampoo-conditioner-treatment set which I've been using for a few weeks now. And it's one of the prettiest sets from Shiseido yet!

 Ma Chérie Airfeel

As mentioned earlier, I've been using this set *MOSTLY the shampoo* for a bit of a time, about 2 weeks now. I know I've been harping about going organic in both hair and bath products as well as skincare and body products but I'm just a girl! Look at that royal details and all that pink-ness. I can't possible pass up Shiseido Ma Cherie!? Because you know why...

The Shiseido Macherie Set is responsible for the
  softest hair I could have ever imagined:

My hair, right after showering. Towel-dried. Look ma, no comb!
Yes, it is that outrageous and holy-moly amazing! It has given me so much:

  • shiny-ness, 
  • soft-ness, and 
  • light-ness 

All in one go! Even if I said a year ago that I Stopped Using Shisedo Tsubaki, I think that I would pledge my allegiance with Ma Cherie Airfeel. It is different from Tsubaki, mainly because of the Camellia oil content that tsubaki has, a lot of concentrated oil in that one which even with my thin hair, Tusbaki can heavily pack on the hair (product build-up is real, you guys!).

So let's get to know these little Ma Cherie bottles more!

Shiseido Ma Chérie Airfeel Shampoo 

Hee hee! I am almost halfway done. Isn't this the cutest little translucent pink bottle you've ever seen? I love the details too! Very Majolica Majorca / Jill Stuart though not as golden and sparkly but almost there! My Airfeel Shampoo is a 200 ML bottle, which is not the full-sized version yet.

The shampoo is a translucent pink, runny liquid that smells like roses and melons. If used solo, the fragrance doesn't last as long. But together with the conditioner or the treatment, the fragrance lasts FOREVER. Haha! It lasts quite long!

This shampoo is pretty. I find that it is suitable for everyday use!

Shiseido Ma Chérie Air feel Conditioner

The conditioner bottle is more opaque pink and it still has the promo sticker on it because I don't really use it a lot (2x a week max!) and there's still a lot of product left in my bottle. This is also 200 ML same as the shampoo, and has the same gold embellishments that I love!

The conditioner is a bit heavy and creamy, with a very light pink color. It spreads fairly easily, and it is not as oily as a Tsubaki conditioner.

This is one of the very few conditioners that doesn't trigger my migraine! I usually don't apply conditioners because of the overwhelming, heavy texture they leave. My hair is already oily so I don't need much of it, just for maintenance purposes.

Shiseido Ma Chérie Moisture Treatment

Oh my glob! I have yet to use this! XDD
I haven't the chance to use this tube yet, because the shampoo + conditioner combo is enough for me. I think this will be useful once a month, twice at most.

But it looks so pretty as is! I am in love with the packaging, could you tell? XD

The Ma Cherie Airfeel is a hair care killer! Using it, I feel so much lighter, no heaviness even if I did use the conditioner. The shampoo itself feels clarifying, and the conditioner is very mild but does the job so well, its nothing short of amazing.

And for that, I give it 5 STARS:

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked the review!
Take care and stay healthy

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