Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life: Christmas is a time for Devastation, Donuts, Drunk faces and Christmas Trees

I've been putting off recognizing December like an old friend I don't want to particularly acknowledge right now. It's one of my favorite months, yet for some reason this year's take on December kinda sucks. 

Pablo's Path of Destuction
Particularly this typhoon that hit Northern Davao pretty hard. It really sucks you guys, and there's not enough rice and packed viands I could donate for people whose homes, family members and livelihood have been taken away. Aside from food, our household is now pulling out various items that typhoon survivors can use: used but still sturdy and clean foam beddings, extra jackets, shoes, towels, toiletries, container bags, and more food. And lots and lots of water.

To think that our city is just a couple hours drive away, we only experienced rainshowers (though heavy), and quite a bit of urban flooding. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do if it gets worse. I think I am  ill-prepared.

This just in:
Devastation II a.k.a the Paquiao-Marquez Fight. :Oh, Did a tree just fall down--OHMYGODTHATWASPAQUIAOWTF!". But that's all said and done. Good fight. GG. But suddenly everybody's all up on their high horses about the fight. And don't you just get that feeling of bile rising up your stomach everytime someone forcefully chimes in with yet another two cents on a boxing match. Kesyo he lost because of his religion, or lack thereof, his political career, next album, his other distractions and I'm all like, "Dude, shut up! Your comments are irrelevant! Are you a sports analyst? No? Then talk to a fucking punching bag! Shit!"

Christmas Decors
At home, it is our tradition to always have a Christmas tree setup. Doesn't really mean anything but we love it because it is so pretty and festive and reminds us to always be cheery and bright!

And for the first time ever......... I was the one who bought our family tree! A huge first for me. I feel so matuuuuuure. I like being able to buy it myself so I get the chance to pick sprightly decors according to what I feel like having! And boy was it colorful! I also bought a very sprightly faux pine!

Birthdays are celebrated with a lot of sweets, right? I mean, it's pretty obvious, nobody gets a sour bag of limes to celebrate happy occasions. But instead of cakes, we opted for a crowd-pleaser: Krispy Kreme's Holiday Assortments. I love that little custard filled white donut.

Family meals are so wonderful, don't you think? A lot of us are suckers for desserts; That's why they were invented, because we need an excuse to eat sweets despite us being full from the main course XD
More celebrations underway with one of my co-workers s and I am on the my tipsy way to ...

This is my face when drunk and relaxed. I tend to feel sleepy when I'm already tipsy. In the past I wasn't like this. When I was tipsy, I resorted to laughing and goofing around. But I'd prefer feeling sleepy; this prevents me from doing weird things that drunk people regret in the morning!

Well that's that folks! I'm sorry I've been rambling so much these past few days!

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