Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life: Canon 15 Years - What's Your Canon Story?

It is wonderful to capture a smile, but all the more when you witness that single smile bloom to a wide, happy grin! This is the very reason why I delved into videography together with my friends: to frame special memories as they happen 30 or 60 times per second ;)

Two of my (many) hobbies are photography and videography. Surprise, surprise. I have special memories that surface when I look back at my introduction to photography when I was 14 years old. What I proudly thought were artistic photos taken using my sister's Vivitar film camera--the prehistoric camera that you need to rewind counterclockwise before the shutter button can activate anything--were anything but.

My photos were absolute crap, as you may have expected, but I was very happy whenever I got the chance to take it out and I always carefully saved my negatives (wow, I haven't used this term for so long) in an airtight ziploc bag, as well as my to-be-developed (!) rolls of film.

Covering a tearjerker prenup at the beach! The bride is relaxing
Now, I am a part of a new videography team. Solid Black Videos is composed mainly of four very close friends who love photography, videography and visual arts; In the picture above, that is Magsy, Mike, yours truly (Canon is obviously my best friend!) and Dan, at the right. We've known each other for pretty much a decade and together we embarked on a profound experience of capturing on video happy brides and grooms, local artists, and a lot of special events. We do all this and more using our Canon DSLR and digital cameras.

Videography is always more than just a profit-oriented business. It is a hobby, honed each time a camera is held. We're now even venturing into filmmaking. Hey, we're pushing the team's envelope here! Hahaha!

Goofing around while adjusting camera settings in a wedding shoot
Our team, Solid Black Videos, has but a good few videos under our belt and we have a lot of learning to do, and there's a lot of fun in store for us! Using Canon cameras have enabled us to be as creative as we can and to make people happy through presenting high-definition videos. There is no other camera we trust most. No other than Canon.

MTV Shoot with Davao's best local artist for the month of November - Photo grabbed from
Canon has long been my constant companion and trustworthy friend to all my creative endeavors. I have one picture that I've held dearly. It was even used as my first profile in this BLOG! This is me back in 2009 at a cosplay event:

Grim face. Because adjusting f-Stops are srs bzns.
My journey with Canon just doesn't end there! In fact, I have an IXUS 220 HS Canon digital camera inside my bag all the time, my just in case camera. And it is so battlescarred like you wouldn't believe. :D

Do you have a Canon story you'd like to share? Any special experiences that you can tell with words and pictures? Join the "What's Your Canon Story?" online contest and win a Canon IXUS 125 HS by sharing your 500-word narrative with 1 to 3 photos to let Canon know how it has has affected your life in a positive way.

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