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Places: PaperRockScissors the Perfect Craft Store in Davao

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Hello everyone! This post is not exactly skin-care related, but I'd like to share something else tonight. Yes, it's a craft shop :) kind of weird, but you know my recently-aquired love for crafting and sewing, right?

However nice Davao City is and its how accommodating its stores and establishments may be, hobby shops are definitely NOT dime a dozen from where I am. I can barely find things I want. National chains for school supplies and crafting items are not much help.

But maybe that's my fault: I don't get out a lot. Well if I didn't go out last night for a dinner at Zabadani Cafe (Grilled Syrian Chicken is just too yummy to pass up!), I would never know that what I needed was right under my nose!

A recently-opened shop called Paper Rock Scissors is one of my recent finds. Located just a minute away from where I work is the hobby shop of my dreams! It is so quaint and pretty and houses a lot of craft items, scrapbooking materials, rubber stamps and so much more.

When I got there, I was surprised at the amount of wonderful things to look at! Everything was begging to be bought. Not only their items, their containers and notices are so bright and pretty, too!

I enjoyed browsing around the store as their knickknacks distracted me one after the other. I couldn't stop ahhing~ and ohhhing~ at each little thing inside. It was so colorful, it made me happy! And you know me, when I am hyper I just can't stop myself.

Paper Rock Scissors service menu!
Just outside their main entrance, a random basket of fruit greets you!
I bought something. One of the items in my crafting wishlist~
I commend the owner for setting up this little shop. I also love that when I talked about wanting to modpodge some cute scrapbooking paper, she understood, and she even taught me her secret to DIY modpodge. That definitely is a plus in my books. She sure knows her craft. I feel relieved, you know! I was like "Finally, a store that understands..."

DIY ribbon-tied boxes
Aaaaa! The pastel colors make me want to weep in their loveliness~

Items ranging from ribbons to stamps are the popular must-buys of Paper Rock Scissors. Not a lot of stores carry these, especially ones that you can PERSONALIZE! You can ask about their rubber stamp personalizing at the store. The owner is really friendly and knows her craft! (Pun definitely intended :p )

I love these little jars with the modpodge'd canister covers
So cute! These are cardboard-type crafting paper! Finalllyyyyyy~
I've been interested in purchasing Washi Tape. Not a lot of store knows this, but the owner pointed me to the jar full of washi tapes :) This is an adhesive tape which is made of fabric. I am floored that washi tape is now in Davao!

If you have time, go and visit Paper Rock Scissors at Damosa right along Mamay Road. It's just about fronting Nikkei Jin Kai school. The store has also a Facebook page

I hope they'll stock more on


  1. Anonymous3:46:00 PM

    Do you know the phone number of the store? may i have it? Thanks

  2. Anonymous9:00:00 PM

    Hey there! MayIi have the exact address of the place? Thanks!

  3. oh i die! now i want to own a craft store like this! ♥

  4. @Child - I agree! I would love to have a craft shop too!

    @Jugie - yes, right along phoenix

  5. Wow! A lot of crafting enthusiasts here, I see!

    @Ea - I hope more inexpensive craft stores open in our country! :D Especially in Davao ahaha

    @Marilou - Thanks for visiting! I'm into crafts too when I'm not too busy :)

    @Marion - Haha I visit Craft Shop Port Cafe a lot too! They have the best stuff for charm bracelets. Please do drop by, PaperRockScissors is such a great store :)

  6. Weeeeee! That was such a perfect craft store that i've been looking for.. But the problem is, I've never been to Damosa before :((..

  7. Hi, this post is super helpful. I have been browsing the internet for thrift craft finds. Good thing this place is so close to my home. Just wondering if they have different kinds of punchers? Thanks :)

  8. This post is really helpful. Just wondering if they have different kinds of craft punchers? Thanks :)

  9. I went there yesterday to see if I can buy stuff for my next project. Sad to say, the store didn't look like the one you posted. It was almost empty and I did not find the scrapbooking supplies that I need (especially the washi tapes). I think I happen to come in on a different season. When I asked if they sell any craft punchers, the cashier said they just restocked and they only sell school supplies as of the moment. I was so sad because I was in such high hopes when I finally saw the store. Kung mas sayo lang ko nakabalo nga naga baligya silag scrapbooking supplies unta nag adto dayun ko basig naabtan pa nako... sayang jud. :(

  10. Thats too bad Hilda!

    When I was there I saw a lot of punchers and scrapbooking supplies that were so cute! I hope they restock immediately~~

  11. Hi Elleyse,

    Right now I don't think they're selling anything anymore because I've just been informed the store has closed.

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