Sunday, July 15, 2012

Craft: My Hobbies & DIY Headset Cable Cosy

Hi Everyone! Today I'd like to share a new hobby and a simple DIY for headphone owners :)

I'm working a 8-5 day job and a nightly side hustle writing gig, but that doesn't stop me from busying myself even more with different hobby projects and nonsensical things I cook up inside my room. I have recently found the urge to learn how to sew and make my own stuff, even though I am terribly rusty as the last time I picked up a needle and thread was in grade school for our home economics project. Aside from reading books, trying to learn how to draw plus paint in watercolors, discovering personal finance, my anime-watching pasttime, and everything in between, I am not sure why I want to add DIY/Sewing on my list. But I found that it's pretty relaxing and gives a good feeling of accomplishment.

My first venture was a DIY Headset Cable cosy, since I just bought myself my beloved AKG K44 Headphones a month ago and I'm pretty much inlove with it, but since owning this, I live in perpetual fear that something may happen to it. So, I made the cable cosy because the AKG has pretty long cables and it can get tangled and wavy pretty quick :( This is something done in just under 20 mins, so it's really not a huge project but this cosy is really helpful for me.


1. Measure your the length of your cable and cut a matching length of strip of fabric. Fold the fabric lengthwise and baste or pin.

2. Sew the ends of the fold. I used a horrendous backstitch! But it's ok nobody's gonna see it anyway. ;)

3. Thread a crochet thread into a big needle and hook to one end, this will help in trying to turn your fabric inside out.

4.  Pull the crochet thread as you go. Slide the end out.

5. Insert the headset cable and,

6. Thread until it goes to the other end

There! Finished! Here's me on a bright day, listening to GooseHouse JP with the headset cosy.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading!


  1. wooow ang cute naman nito <3 would love to try this soon!

  2. Thank you Odeth! :D

    Yes you should, you're a music lover, aren't you so I think you have those expensive headsets hahah let's protect them!