Monday, April 2, 2012

This Is The Cue to Stop Marchin'

Some of the highlights of the final string of fun days before April bucks the trend...

I finished All The Flowers in Shanghai by Duncan Jepson that Thursday, and I could say it was a pretty fast read, since starting it and blogging about it last Monday and worrying if I could juggle my books. Turns out this novel was easy to read, it was like eating mooncakes or something.

I opened the novel any chance I got. Reading on my way to work, when I went home, during lull moments and whenever I could get a seat at some place, or at bed in between my writings. I liked this well enough though there are a lot of things that grated on my nerves while reading. I'll expound more when I get to review this book.

In other news, I managed some really wonderful time out from work and pressure. Met with some friends and took some time to re-discover other good things in life. Korean Ice Cream, for example!

Me with guy friends and Le Kareshi
If you're keen on trying out any kind of Korean delicacies but would loath to run the risk of having to throw it out because you might hate the taste, I suggest you start with desserts. I chose a strange-looking but really cute Fish Ice cream. This had vanilla ice cream (very creamy) with a layer of red bean and red bean paste enclosed in a fish mold wafer. Costs about a dollar (PHP 50.00)!

Another luxury Korean ice cream is this choco chiffon from PANGTOA which was so delectable as only a chocolate chiffon ice cream sandwich can. What I'm saying is you just can't go wrong with this.

Seems like the round of eating never ends. Here I am with some of my friends at work, enjoying the smoked-bbq smell of grill heaven. Our company provided us with some pre-event grub in the form of deliciously charred strips of meat.

Mike and I have affinity to dropping by various pet stores... Not that we like animals in cages but it's the only way we see dogs and cats being their cute selves. During one of our drop-ins, we saw an adorable and energetic baby Chihuahua! His ears are like sails to ride the tempest of life.

And just because I like to eat a lot doesn't mean I'm not conscious of the things I'm feeding my body. To have a great mind, you must feed the brain with the healthiest food. I don't like broccoli, but I do love me some strawberries. Plus some prepackaged milk tea, a recently-released drink that I've always wanted to try.

I am now starting April the way I started March: catching up on my READING! We visited Zabadani Coffeeshop before it opens a newer store. I've grown to love this branch so much, it is the place I frequent if I want a good place to relax and de-stress. But I wish the owners the best of luck in their new place.

That is my mug of Spicy Layered Zabadani Coffee and Ramdeey the Persian Cat, and these two are the main reasons why I go to Zabadani. :D

Sorry if this post is really long and boring but thank you for reading all the same.
Keep safe and healthy!

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