Friday, April 13, 2012

Early April Reads

On queue for this month, I have:
  1. The Stranger - Albert Camus (borrowed from the Reader's Circle - Finished!)
  2. Gossip - Beth Gutcheson (sent by HarperCollins to me for review - Finished)
  3. Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin - Bob Ong  (bought at a local bookstore)
  4. The Crazed - Ha Jin (from a garage sale I got)
  5. IQ84 - Haruki Murakami (from Mike's holiday gifts, this is such a big book but I'm not complaining. I read slower now that's what.)
  6. Sula - Tom Morrison (got from the Easter BookHunt!)
If I can just find some time to squeeze these in, I would!
  1. California Girl Chronicles - Gamble-Risley (sent by 3L Publishing)
  2. Mr. Muo's Traveling Couch - Dai Sije (last year's garage sale find)
April is going to be intensive reading month. I swear. I am going back to my reading groove.

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