Friday, April 13, 2012

BAD Review: Quick FX Eyelift Cream + Vaseline Lip Therapy

I have a silly nighttime routine. Every night after taking a quick bath---Because who goes to bed all gross from the dirty things that stuck to the body throughout the day? Well, you shouldn't!--- I tend to put something on, like a bit of cream to tone down a streak of bumps in the cheeks, lotions to sooth a drying patch of skin, etc, and all these products I use to take care and nourish my skin...

And the products below are NOT one of those!

Well I used to use them before I realized they did pretty much nothing and sometimes they feel like they are not even helping at all and they don't even feel good! Or smell good! Not even that?! What the gunk.

Here are the products I tried before but I hate now. Ugh. Good thing they weren't the most expensive things in the world.

Quick FX Eyelift Cream - A little packet I bought at Watsons for about P40.00, and this is why people who know things about products would tell you not depend always on cheap things. This product is testament to that: this is pretty much wonky.

At first I had the impression that this was pretty o.k. since it was light, seemed pretty moisturizing and though did not dry as well as I would like, I thought it was good enough as an eye cream...

What I didn't like about this:
I felt like it didn't do anything for me. I had droopy eyebags whenever I stay up too late consecutively, or have weird sleeping patterns when I wake up at 2AM for no apparent reason and I have trouble sleeping again. So when I use this whenever I KNOW I'm going to stay up late and in the succeeding days after it for good measure, I see virtually no 'lifting' of my eyebags at all. Not even at least a de-puffing for all its Ellagic Acid and Niacinamide powers. It also smelled horrible!!!! I dunno how them chemists achieved a good balance between the smell of being plasticky and fishy but believe me, they made this perfect... perfectly icky!

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry - Another supposed night time application for me that I thought would be a nice addition. Costs about P70.00 in local drugstores.

This one I had actual high hopes for. I used this on my lips to soften my fish scales lips in time for tomorrow. Below is a normal swipe of the product I use. I distribute it as evenly as possible.

What I didn't like about this:
When I first used this I liked it because... well it was just what you would expect of petroleum jelly!!!! Nothing more, nothing less, although conveniently packed in a pretty little tube that costs more than when you buy the big tub of the original one. Even after some weeks of usage, I still had dry, flaky parts. Not really good, I had better find another lip creme.And because of my current routine, something as chemical as petroleum has no place in my drawer.

I don't know if you've used as crappy a product as this; All I have is the consolation that you can't always have what you like, and life is an ongoing process of trial and error.

Have a good weekend! :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. The fx eye cream worked for me but I applied to twice a day morning and night religiosuly. Maybe it didn't work for you because you only used it when you stayed up late? As for the vaseline lip therapy well what did you expect? I think it's part petoleoum jelly. Used those when I was still in elementary school because I would always get chapped lips during the winter in the States. Bummer these didn't work for you though!

  2. Use moringa oil it works well u can see it at mercury and its color green its a small bottle and it cost 100 but worth it u can see the stuff u can use fo it