Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product: Jill Stuart Mix Blush vs. Sivanna Colors Blush

Today I went to the mall and somehow I managed to go to this little boutique and something caught my eye. I saw on a stand this very familiar blush-on!

The brand of the blush is SIVANNA COLORS. It is a very dainty blush with etched shells design. It looks very nice, shiny and all too reminiscent of a certain expensive packaging, except for the rather plain brand text. Can you guess what the packaging looks like????


It looks like a Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact packaging!

Though without the beautiful brush chained to it. This blush is one of the high-end and holy grail blushes of the many beauty gurus that I look up to, so I couldn't help but want it myself. 

The only thing that prevents me from buying Jill Stuart cosmetics is because of is $$$$$$ price! This one is so pricey for a single item. It is about $48-$52 depending on where you buy it. Though a lot of girls just buy it for the princessy packaging which is so delightful, but some love its very girly though sheer application.

The Sivanna Colors one looks like its mousy counterpart, but you can tell that this is a knock-off of the Jill Stuart brand. Even the mix blush with the different shades of pink, peach and corals are reminiscent of one of the type of the JS Mix blush.

I bought it because I thought it was really funny, though I wouldn't ever think of using this for fear of what this blush powder may contain!!!

Sivanna Colors Blush

Image credit from PinkHeartedPrincess.
Though the JS Mix Blush compact is in my wishlist, I'm not that desperate to use a knock off of this! I want the real one.

I can't imagine using the SIVANNA COLORS one. We don't know what's in that and where it is made from. I wish the brand company didn't have to steal the design of the JS one. They should have innovated their own, maybe it can even catapult in the industry. Imitation is never good in business, it keeps you eating dust.

There doesn't seem to be news of Fake Jill Stuart, but I'm not surprised why there's Knock offs of this from other less know brands. JS is a very popular name, and the products is well loved by many.


  1. indeed, it is a knockoff of JS...I think Sivanna is a Thailand brand? same with I think its not really that bad of a choice. But you can swatch it first to see how pigmented the blush were..=)

  2. @Janet - Oh! That's good to know that its a known brand. Mayyybe I will try swatching it sometime.

    I'm not very into blushes, but I found the packaging cute.

  3. @Nana -Hi nana! I knowww!XD its looks really nice and pretty ehhh~ :3

  4. wow! it looks very loveloy *-*

    and you are so sweet <3