Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty Product Orders Have Arrived - Good Job, Sasa.com!

I can't believe it you guys! Our parcel is here in all its glory!

Last July 7 I processed the order together with my friends a group purchase in Sasa.com and we are so delighted that it came ON TIME! I'm like the #1 DOUBTER of international shipping, I've been burned plenty from my International transactions getting lost, not getting to me properly, having exorbitant fees to pay for shipping and etc. But Sasa.com has completely removed all those bad memories!

Box of Goods from Sasa.com
Now this is gonna sound like I'm kissing Sasa.com's butt... I am not, but I am just so happy with them! For real! Safe transaction (Paid with my CC, transaction went well and was secured!), REAL OFFER of FREE SHIPPING (some online shops offer free shipping but have so many fine print about this and that fees, don't you think???) and the best part of all, I was very surprised at the efficiency of Sasa.com customer service in handling adding of items even though it was dispatched (they charged us $5.00 since we miscalculated the products and had to add one more to get the Free Shipping, but what's $5.00 in exchange of $60.00 expedited shipping, right? Hahah.) and it went from there without a hitch at all!

Now it comes the hard part... praying for ourselves... PRAYING THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY THE ALLEGEDLY SUPER HIGH CUSTOMS FEE! I researched high and low for the computation for customs tax and fee and all those things, and I came up with like P1,500-- almost half of the entire purchase of our box! We crossed our fingers, held on to the faith that Davao Postal Office would never screw us like that... I was even worried because the parcel wasn't delivered to my house, I had to claim it and had to pay a "fee". URK.

I went there... and what do you  know? Prayers are really answered. Here is the receipt I got after claiming the package.

YEP! P40.00! They increased by P5.00 and I've never been so happy. :)))
Sasa.com is upfront with their items, they even have a printed receipt for you including the items that are within the parcel. But!! Davao Postal is SOOOOOOOOOOO good to its Davaoenos... It doesn't charge us unnecessarily like other metropolitan cities do! Look at the Philippine Postal Office Horror stories everywhere in the net and here and here... So I say, I salute you Davao Postal Office! THANK YOU! I love DAVAO.

And here are some of the things we got: I'll try to name them once I list down the products from my Sasa.com account... But as you can see we have the Yanwaili Anti-Blemish series in cream and essence, as well as the Hada Labo Tamagohada Cleanser and Shirojyun Lotion, the Naive (by Kanebo) Peach Cleanser, Lancome Hydrazen Toner, C+M, Pinky Black Head Masque, and a free Butterfly hair clip from Sasa.com

There are plenty more not in the picture above because we were so excited to take the pictures of them altogether, we snatched the products one by one!

I now officially love Sasa.com! Expect many more orders from me and please don't change your speedy customer service and your expedited free shipping too!


  1. Woot! Good for you!

    After what you wrote, I'm planning to try my hand ordering at Sasa.com myself...


  2. Is there a way to obtain some of these beauty products without paying such a huge tariff because it's being delivered from overseas? Thanks for posting your experience with it.

  3. I can get your joy of getting the gift box.As it has the things you have been waiting from a long time.