Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tony Moly Pink Beam Crystal Highlighter

Hi everyone!

Here again to feature a new make up item, just to get out of the skincare-centric posts my blog seems to be infested of lately :D

I'd like to introduce a product from one of the Korean beauty brandsTony Moly ,Pink Beam Crystal Highlighter.

It's straight-up just a simple highlighter enclosed in a pretty and shiny bottle. I have a couple swatches for you to view, but I have to point out one crazy thing, though. It is marketed and named as a PINK highlighter, but it's weird since when you blend it all in, there isn't really any pink pigment left. It turns white, like any normal highlighter, with just a really pretty sheen.

Swiped for swatching (not yet blended)

I don't want to say has glitter on it, since upon application and blending there's nothing glittery about it. And even if it has glitter, it's so fine that a couple of blending strokes wouldn't correct. Here is what the highlighter looks with 2-3 blending strokes:

It's not recommended to apply the product directly from the applicator to your skin, so just apply it on the back of your hand or something (sanitize first though!) so you'll have a lot less trouble balancing the highlight.

I really like this highlighter more on the fact that it's not powdery like other highlighters I've tested. My face is oily, but once my face is made up it's dry so this is a great addition for a really pretty dewy look! I'm not too keen on using powder highlighters, so do tell me what do you use! :)

That's all for today! Thank you so much for reading!


  1. I never kmew what this was for until I goggled it! it looks so pretty and sparkly!! *u*

  2. HAHA I have TM's Gold Beam one http://i.ebayimg.com/23/!B6mgzzwCWk~$(KGrHqUOKkEEyP8Jiu2cBM)5D4w0Ug~~_35.JPG and I love it!

    I think as a highlighter Gold is generally more natural :D. Thank YOU for replying back to my reply haha!! And it's such a shame that the TM masks you tried weren't to your liking, I definitely hope your future experiences with it are a lot better. ^_^