Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skin Care Regimen Update

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thought I'd share what's new with my daily/weekly skin care routine. I have been taking extra measures about using skincare products now, even more cautious than before. I've stopped using most of the old brands I used in my previous skin care routine. I have made a lot of discoveries along the way when it comes to drugstore brands (with a little Korean/Japanese products on the side of course!) and I'd like to think I learned a lot during those experimental times.

I'm currently following the Pond's Flawless White series. You may have heard of The Pond's Challenge; several of their products have found their way to me. Personally, I am not an advocate of artificial skin lightening at all, but I'm not one to judge anyone. If they want to, they can. I just think that we have to love the skin we have and just take care of it, and not alter it to make it appear something that it is not. I love my "golden" skin! Some call me morena, which is a skin color classification, but some people also told me that I look a bit more fair. Maybe it depends on whether I had a lot of time to go to the beach! For me, I just want to achieve a "golden, sun-kissed" color all over! I think the golden color suits me and highlights my facial and body structure well! :)

Here is my daily skin routine!

Face Wash - I use the Pond's Deep Whitening Facial Foam. This is a great face wash! I love its creaminess and the very light scrub particles in it! It leaves my face really clean but never dry. It smells wonderfully floral. I've about emptied my current tube, but I already purchased another one a week before.

As for the "Whitening" aspect, I am kind of glad it didn't work on me as much as it did for the other contestants of the Pond's Challenge. What it did is to even out my face and help lightened several freckles and spots, as well as the deep pimple scar on the left side of my face. It's not so much as whitening but brightening. I'm still in my natural skin color.

Face Moisturizer - This is an old staple in my bureau, the Skinfood Peach Sake Emulsion. My very oily face loves this refreshing, incredibly light moisturizer that makes the skin soft and moisturized. I apply it generously on my neck area and sparingly on my face. This also helps in applying foundation, as it helps even out the spread and glide.

My Skinfood Peach Sake has just run out. It's a very sad thing. It's good thought that Abreeza Mall in Davao has just been built a lot nearer to where I work, instead of me going all the way to the end of the city to get to the SM Skinfood stall.

Face Sunblock - Got started on a light sun blocking cream just this summer. It's painful to have sunburns and get dark freckles. I'd like my skin nice and golden and even, and I think this Pond's Blemish Prevention UV Cream does what it says exactly! It's lightweight although it leaves my skin really oily, but I think I need something that doesn't make me oil so much... I believe I need to replace this!!!
Night Cream - This is the culprit for the skin clearing aspect of my entire regime. It has made my skin overall brighter and amazingly clearer. Pond's Re-Brightening Night Treatment is a medium-thick cream that glides on so smoothly when applied. The floral scent is nice and calming. There's about 20% left on the big tub so I purchased another one last week as well. What I like most about this is the softness that it brings in the morning.

The product does not leave an ugly "white-cast" despite the cream having a white color, but it is like a thick, clear moisturizer. Upon spreading on the face, it feels non-comedogenic and my face felt softer, clearer somehow upon a week of usage. I don't think this is for sensitive skin though, since it's pretty thick. My face is not White after using this...! Which I love! It just brightened my face wonderfully, like I had a good nights sleep! (Even if I didn't)

All in all I love this product very much, and coincidentally, so does MszJackieChu, one of my favorite YouTube personalities! Click below to take you to her Pond's Flawless White review!

Have you tried the products above? Some people have bad experiences with some Pond's products but for me I find it perfect! :)

Thank you for reading.

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