Sunday, May 22, 2011

Purse Staples: Nyx Indian Pink and Thermal Water

Hi everyone!

I'm going start a series called Purse Staples. Starting...


In this installment, I will share with you the two staples from my purse that has never left my bag since the date I purchased it. These are just a few of the items that I carry with me wherever and whenever. Bear in mind though that I mainly carry "necessities" in my bag, well, I view them as leaning towards "necessities" than "for vanity's sake"!

1. First is my favorite lip color from Nyx, the Indian Pink round lipstick. I ran out of this earlier this year and was experimenting with local brands so I stopped wearing it for a while. Several weeks ago, I pooled a Nyx lipstick order along with my co-workers:

I made sure to get Indian Pink. Along with Electra, Pumpkin Pie, B25, Peony, Mars and another Indian Pink for my co-workers. I've already posted before that this specific shade is one of most worn, favorite lipstick.

2. Second is the Avene Eau Thermal. I had no idea previously what it would do since it's just water in a can... BUT! What's great about this is that it helps when your face is itchy, is dry or just needs a little spruce to look fresh. It may look small but it lasts for quite a while, and the spray system is great since it atomizes the water very finely so you really get a refreshing mist every spray. Unlike most atomizers that whisk water all over your hands...

I wish I can tell you the ingredients for this, but my can of Avene Eau Thermal is written in Japanese. This is from Jusco mall, so I guess it can't be helped... This may be similar to the Evian face spray. But I haven't tried that yet so I can't tell. But it's really just water.

That's all for my Purse Staples Part 1! Stay tuned for more :)))

Thanks again for dropping by and reading.


  1. I am in love with NYX! love the creamy goodness of the shades and most importantly, love the price.

  2. Too bad there aren't any available Nyx lipstick testers in SM. :<

  3. Wow, NYX-centered replies from everyone! This makes me think that NYX is really popular!

    Yes, we can only order this online because there are no NYX counters in our malls....

    I can't afford high-end lipstick yet from YSL or something but NYX is a great line for affordable lipsticks eh :)