Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Stopped Using Shisedo Tsubaki

I've been using Shiseido Tsubaki since mid-2009 when my sister bought it for me. See my post about Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Repair here. Ever since then I have loved it to bits! It lives up to the hype because it smells delicious like a Camelia flower, and it makes your hair super silky and simply soft and manageable.

I love using Tsubaki and getting that silky-soft feeling once my hair dries. It's so nice to run through my hair and feel like I have the fluffiest hair in the world. It is great too because a Tsubaki set lasts you for a good while. The shampoo I use as a daily hair wash, the conditioner probably at most thrice a week, and the head spa tube I use once every two weeks since it's similar to a deep conditioning agent.

It has repaired and revived plenty of dry and overly treated hair all over the world. Some swear by it to death, and although I heard that the price of the set is overly jacked up in some countries, there are still some people who look for it eagerly. Even here in the Philippines, we have a local mall that sells Shiseido Tsubaki for like P700 ($20) for each of the bottles since it did not come in a set. For the three it would have been P2,100 ($60) and that is like super pricey as far as everyday haircare products go.

Some really try to shell out around that amount for the promise of healthy hair. Even for me, I used it for close to two years and got pretty good results. But now I kind of feel something weird after several hours of using it. I guess too much of a good thing is bad, too. There is a downside for me when I use Tsubaki, I guess in the long run it is really too rich for my hair.

Recent observation : Once the clock strikes 6-8 hours after my hair has dried, I am suddenly transformed into a hair greaseball!!! My hair clumps in all the wrong ways and my hair gets heavy from being too oily. To think I work in a cool environment, 8 hours of airconditioning until work ends. It's not even humid at night when I go home from work, but the heavy feeling in my hair persists.

I recently switched to a local shampoo brand that is less moisturizing and not as rich as Shiseido Tsubaki, and I found that I don't have as heavy hair as before. I am less oily! I guess it's the product build-up of Tsubaki. I think I am going to rest my hair a bit and cleanse it. I do plan on continuing in the distant future until my hair can breathe again LOL XD

My sister still uses Tsubaki, but it's only because unline me who has normal hair, hers is colored and has already multiple treatements. She needs all the Camelia oil nutrients she can get. Tsubaki has been very good to us, I just need a couple of months of rest and I will resume again!

Thank you for reading! :)

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  1. You should try using a clarifying shampoo to de-grease your hair. You can use it once a week or every two weeks before you use the deep conditioning treatment. I think Shisheido have a clarifying shampoo under the Tsubaki Hair Spa line or you can try Neutrogena.