Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stupid Weight Gain

This must be my punishment for letting my blog go... I've also let myself go! What started as something I wanted for myself (a healthier me), I now want to rid myself of!

2 months ago I started the quest to gain weight. I honestly thought that at 97-99lbs, I needed to add a bit because a double digit weight is kind of worrying.

Though I'm only 5'1", most poeple would say that the 97 lbs is okay for me since I'm small, but I'm not very comfortable with it, and I don't want to give the appearance of weakness or being frail at all. I want to look and feel healthy and active at a normal 100-105 bracket at least. That's not bad to want, is it? It is stull under normal weight range.

It started out manageable, but I guess I kind of lost focus for a bit. What I ate were chocolates. I LOVE CHOCOLATES. I cannot put into text how much I love them, but the pictures below will show you. So everyday in the office I ate a lot:

Aaargh! And so many more chocolates that I really feel guilty now. :( I haven't weight myself recently but I think I am at the 108-110 range. The weighing scale in our workplace clinic is busted and is up for calibration until further notice, and I don't really have a weighing scale at home.
I'm now on the way to recovery! :d I stopped eating chocolates Monday this week and it's made even harder because my sister just sent a package of chocolates along with other stuff just yesterday, too. We have almond chocolates, crunky, pucca, pocky and gourmet cafe chocolates that I refuse to eat anymore!!!
:( I'm suffering hahaha! But I know I have to stop eating snacks so much and start eating healthy. I need to lower it a bit again!
Sorry for being away, I missed everyone :)


  1. Hi Aicha

    Don't feel so bad. I love chocolate too. I eat them almost daily and I exercise 2x a week. Try to exercise ya.. take care

  2. i missed you Aicha, omoo that's a lot of chocolates!! that's why I stay away from them ;A; once you take a bite you just have to finish the whole thing!

  3. Thanks Lavender and Odeath ;) I'll try to lessen more of my intake of sweets or else I will get diabetes!

    I am looking forward to going to the gym soon