Friday, March 25, 2011

In One Piece: Me and My DIY Swimsuit

Hey! Barely a day and I'm blogging again.

A giveaway caught my eye! Tisha of Here, Tishie Tishie has a great giveaway in store for us with her Anniversary Giveaway: Cocomo Swimsuits which is totally awesome! I haven't participated in any giveaway for the mean time but this is a good chance for anyone who wants to win a really cute swimsuit!

First off I'm not the AHH-TOO-SEXAY-FOR-MY-SWIMWEAR kind of girl. I'm rather conservative, opting to wear swimsuit topped with a big, breezy shirt or with shorts.

I'm afraid I don't have a lot of swimsuit at all. Just one, but recently, I bought a simple navy blue one piece to go to a company outing (WHICH WAS AMMAZING-We went to Pearl Farm Beach Resort!)

I'm wearing the swimsuit here, lovingly termed by otaku (like myself) as a "Mizugi", which pertains to the standard-issue swimsuit given to Japanese highschool girls. I even put my own nameplate on it!!!! On my chest I sewed on a small fabric with my name, AICHA, in Japanese characters.

I bought the swimsuit for just barely P300.00 at a department store and made the DIY nameplate by myself! Hahah! It's kind of dorky but I really like it :P I doesn't make me look my age at all... I'm 24 years old but people thought I'm like 18 or something when I wear this to the swimming pool :(

That's why I want this from TISHA'S Anniversary Giveaway: Cocomo Swimsuits !!!!!

I need a new swimsuit but around here I can't find the right mix of cute and fun like this Vienna swimsuit!!! It's really nice!

Here are more of the prizes from Anniversary Giveaway: Cocomo Swimsuits !!!!!

P.S. - It's EMBARASSING for me to put up photos of myself like this, since I look really dumb, I'm always smiling a lot. XDD But hey, that's me!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well I think it's absolutely cute, di magegets ng marami yung swimsuit, but I do!! we anime people lolol and I would love to own one din <3 you look super adorable! and yeap you don't look like 24 at all!!

  2. Hahahah! Thank you so much!

    Hey odeth! :) Yes, we anime people know Mizugi! I'm so glad you're around lol!