Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ohisashiburi desu ne~ Love Packages!


HOW ARRRREEE YOUUU GUYS!!! Off of blogger, I got so much impromptu vacationing and serious work mode done, it's crazy :D I wonder how you all are doing and I terribly miss blogging so much. I especially miss this little corner.

While I was away, I got two packages from overseas. One was from Jol and another one from a good blogger friend of mine from UK!

These love packages are just so miraculous, they brighten up one's day INSTANTANEOUSLY and just whams and bams all of the day's sad things away. Jol is such a lovely girl to send me these wonderful My Beauty Diary and Face Q Sheet Masks! I am in love with them and I was just so grateful to her for sending me one of my most wishlisted items!

These are the contents: I LOOOOVE THEM! Couldn't wait to try them out, actually!

Thank you super super super. Now I can get to try them for myself and see what the fuss is all about! LOLJK! I've stuck to Missha and Etude masks for so long. There are no local sellers here in our city for My Beauty Diary. It sucks having to pay for the shipping, shipping fee is the pits! :(

Another package, a book, from my beloved friend (with a terribly nice postcard). This is a novel by my most favorite author in the world!

He knew I don't have this copy yet, so he sent me his! So generous I can almost cry. I've finished Louis de Bernieres' novels like Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Red Dog, Senor Vivo and the Cocoa Lord, The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts etc. So you know I love this author so very muchaaaas!

Such a short post for someone gone for so long, eh? Well there's plenty more because I'll give an update how my make-up are doing! Updated info coming right up! Ugh, I swear, I am going to cry with one picture for the next post. I mean, I hit pan on my Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover!!!! waaaa~ too terrible. I have to find a refill STAT!

I hate hitting pan on my favorite stuff!

See you next post and thank YOU so much for reading still!


  1. aichaaaa glad to have you back, you were missed!! the love packages are amazing! and sweet! :D

  2. I know, I was really amazed too! Everytime I receive packages it gives me a shot of high. :)

    Glad to be back too! *hugs*