Friday, April 9, 2010

The Jol Creations Jewelry Giveaway

Jol Creations is one of the jewelry blogs that I truly admire, and am seriously lemming for. Talking to Joelle, the super sweet and incredibly talented owner and creator of these jewelries, there's no one more excited than us to open this giveaway to you, guys!


I'm sure that I'm not alone in thinking that the best jewelries are those made from hand and with all the love that the creator showers to it. I always am amazed at the level of dedication that jewelry artists like Joelle put into their beautiful creations. They are intricate and delicate but they pop up so amazingly when we wear them. I'm not kidding when I say that her creations are one of the most whimsical and romantic jewelries that you can find EVER!

"If" was simply love at first glance for me:

More than just earrings, you can find necklaces and and special charms and more at her blogsite. This giveaway will give you the chance to win a piece of romantic and whimsical jewelry! Here are several ways to join and win.

Answer this: What is your favorite Jol Creations jewelry?

Comment on this post with your answer, name, email:
1. Be a follower of Jol Creations ( - 1 Entry
2. Be a fan of Jol Creations in Facebook (find the link at Jol Creations blogspot page or do a search in Facebook) - 1 Entry
3. Spread the word by posting (e.g. on their website/facebook) about the giveaway - and post the link along with your comment - 2 Entries
There is not one, not two, but THREE winners! Contest is open to Local and International Bloggers!

Deadline of Entries: Sunday, 18th of April, (12 mn Phil Time). We will do the raffling off using and the next day, 19th of April, we will announce the winner and also contact him/her via the email provided :)
Let's get busy! :D


  1. Enter me! I love Green lush necklace


  2. Hi, please enter me for this. I am a follower of Jol Creations under the name Blursotong and I love the Floret design earring.

    My email:

  3. Anonymous12:04:00 PM

    wow! i never knew this blogger existed! ;D thanks for telling the world!i can't afford the nice stuff now but i will in the future! thanks for the giveaway!
    -I subscribed!
    kimberly wong

  4. I love the Twinkle earrings. Aww so cute!
    Thanks for the chance.

    Eli T.
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  5. enter me please, i'm a follower

    i like the twinkle earrings too! ><


  6. I love the Floret earrings. Their beautiful and elegant...

    I followed the blog. =)