Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tony Moly Honey Bubble Foaming Cleanser: HATE!

I just realized that "BUBBLE FOAM" anything is not for me.

I love Asian Skincare brands, and I just recently purchased something from Tony Moly. I needed a new cleanser because I was running out on Nivea Sparkling White Cream Cleanser. For P250 (on sale) I bought Tony Moly Honey Bubble Foam Cleanser to try it out, along with Tony Moly Toner & Emulsion for Men (that little purple bottle in the picture below) for my brother.

I was so excited to try it out! This is my first time to try this brand out, and my first time to use this kind of cleanser. I immediately pumped some fluid into my hands to start cleaning my face last night and to my surprise! Out came the bubbles!

I mean, okay, so I wasn't really thinking that bubbles-as-in-just-bubbles would come out. I was thinking more it would be face cream/fluid with some bubbles, but no! All poofy bubbles came out. I was like, "what? can this really clean my face?!"

I did try it out and I was astonished on the smell. UGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!! I immediately turned the bottle upside down to find the manufacturing date lest it be 1880s or something! I discovered that it was just this year 2009. BUT IT SMELLED OF OLD MUSTY THINGS! It didnt smell of honey, or anything natural. Okay so it smelled earthy, but I smelled dung somewhere there!

The final crunch is that it doesn't even clean my face decently. I had on bb cream, mineral foundation and a little bit of blush and mascara. The mascara was still there after washing! And when I rinsed it off and applied toner afterwards, my cotton pad was smeared with bb cream leftovers.

UGH. TERRIBLE! I don't like bubble foams cleansers and will never try it again. Have you tried bubble foam cleansers yourself?

But I love you guys! Thanks for reading!


  1. Chaka naga! Ewww! Skinfood has also a honey foam cleanser. I don't seem to want to try it, na trauma na siguro ako! hahaha joke.

    I'm looking into some face wash from Innisfree. Dollars nga lang. xD

  2. holy moly!
    that's why it's tony moly
    BOO on products that smell awful

    i hate products like that

  3. well, our handwash, bodywash & dishwashing liquid are all foam....hehe...I'm currently addicted to foam....but if it doesn't smell good... I would definitely be disappointed like you...

  4. i have tried bubble foam but only from skin food... the tea tree one... i did like it but i find the foaming cleanser one to be much economical :) i have to pump twice for the cleanser to foam up but with a foaming cleanser a pea dot is enough :)

    it's sad to know that you have a bad experience with bubble foams :( probably there is one for you out there hehehe :) thanks for the review...

  5. Hello dear! It's good to see you again xD

    I've never tried any Tony Moly products but I've heard that they're good with powders and BB Cream. Korean products always have lovely packages and I couldn't help purchasing them T.T

    Innisfree is interesting, they've got soooo many skincare lines. But for now I think I'm gonna try Nature Republic =D

  6. Aww, it's sad that you had a bad experience with a TM product, because EVERYTHING I have (well, at least 90%) of my skincare products is Tony Moly and I'm SO big on them, I've been wondering for a while why they haven't sought me and paid me to endorse them roflmao. But yeah! They do have their (occasional!) bad products.. This sounds really blergh X_x