Monday, November 9, 2009

My Silly Little Makeup/Skincare Stash

"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud"
-Coco Chanel

When I started this blog, all the make up I had were Maybelline Pressed Powder and an Alba Organics Terra Tints Lipbalm. I didn't even have a proper lipstick, no eyeliner, no eyeshadows or blush! Err, well, Ok so up to now I still don't have any eyeshadows and blush (shocking right?) but I'm remedying that with the Majolica Majorca jeweling line soon! I looked at the other ladies' stash and I am just floored at how many stuff you have to have on your drawer.

I wish I had that many brush, I wish I had that many palettes, I wish I had that many shades of pink and peach blushes! Even TheMakeupSob has like 200 lipsticks!? Goodness! XD

I used to believe you only need one of each thing to keep you satisfied. Especially when you find the color that suits your face. If I didn't start on this beauty blog, I would have scoffed at someone for having 10 lipsticks, "HOW NINCOMPOOPY! THAT MANY? WHAT DOES SHE THINK SHE IS, SOME KIND OF ALIEN WITH 10 LIPS?!?" Hahah, that kind of thinking. Now, I believe that you just can't have enough. There are so many shades to choose from. So many brands to try. So many things to buy! It's a downward spiral actually.

So I am here to show you what I have. Its so meager, I tell you. I don't even have to review most of the products here because you all have probably tried it already, or wouldn't really try it because you have a better product than what I have.


LOL. See? So small! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I want more! But some they say its not a matter of how much you have, but if what works for you. Well all of them do their job well, surprisingly. I'm not really sure about how valid that claim is though, maybe I'm just saying that because I don't know any better? LOL! I freaking hope not!

1. Biore Moisturizer - Daily moisturizer for face and neck. This is so good to me.
2. Clean and Clear Moisturizer - Didn't work for me because it left weird streaks and left me looking freakishly gray (I'm guessing because of the sunscreen) so I use it on my feet during daytime! Well, I hate wasting products and it has SPF 15 and its moisturizing enough anyway.
3. Nivea Sparkling White Night Cream - Very nice! This did lighten my skin! I'll post a review of this soon, along with the Nivea Sparkling White Foaming Face Wash.
4. Shiseido Revital Cream - I use this sparingly. It has a tendency of overmoisturizing me! Leaves me oily when I put it on at night. I only use it when I am in total need of something non-drying.
5. Nivea Age Defying Hand Cream Q10 - Keeps the skin on my hands soft, has a really nice smell too. My palms stopped being too rough - it used to be so rough like crazy! It also has a lightening effect somehow, the skin on my knuckles used to be like a 5 shades darker, now its just like 2 shades darker than the skin all around it. Its such a surprise. Sometimes I use it on my toes too, if I'm feeling particularly worried about that part of my feet. Hands? Feet? They're basically the same anyway.

1. Pink and white box - my usual face stuff! All of them are staples. Well except the careline blush which seems to never work on my face
2. Transparent box - nail stuff. Some Skinfood, Etude, Revlon and Caronia. I have a trusty sharp nail thingy that I have no idea what's called.
3. Blue Box #1 - Lip stuff! Some NYX and an IN2IT lippie (which I will post a swatch soon- It probably the most moisturizing lipstick I've tried), Godiva and The Body Shop balm.
4. Blue Box #2 - Eye stuff! Fashion21 eyeliner that smudges so bad, a jumbo eyeliner from San San, eye makeup remover pen from Revlon, Shiseido Integrate Darcy lipliner, Maybelline Volum Express and Victorias Secret Very Sexy mascara

Some stocks that don't use yet. The kojic soap and tissues, some random mineral concealer and eyeshadow samples, Beauty Credit lipgloss and the Majolica Majorca pressed powder.

The third layer is my jewelry stash. Not much and all of them are fashion jewelry anyway! Most of them are gifts as the only jewelry I bought are the handmade swarovski ones from Pumpkinbeads.

ALSO, I NEED BRUSHES!! DO YOU SEE BRUSHES THERE?!?! YEAH!! I DIDN'T TOO!! Darn it. I need brushes. I can't seem to find the best one that fits my budget.

There! I posted it! Now you know why I don't do FOTDs because I look bare all the time! No fancy eyeshadows or blushes to make my face pop up or anything. My nail stash is so tiny not much color mixing and stamping I can do, so no NOTDs too! I'll wait a couple of months until I'll build it up. Do share with us your make up drawer/cabinet/stash/traincase/kit/whatever you have :)

How about you guys?
Did you start with a lot of make up already or did you accumulate that over the months/years?

Thanks for reading! See you around! :)


  1. I've started buying makeup just 5 or 6 mos. ago & it's really so addicting & cost a lot....I don't have that much though like other least all your stuff works for you...I highly recommend ecotools brushes cuz' they are cheap(less than &12 for the set)compare to other brushes & very good quality it's soft & never shed...& that sharp nail thingy is called pusher I think...:D

  2. I feel you. I just started going makeup-crazy a year ago. And I was like, I wanted to buy everything. Sometimes I feel like I'm buying stuff that I don't even need at the moment, but I keep thinking "I'll need this in the future".. LOL. I wish makeup never expire!

  3. i think that's a cool idea using the clean&clear moisturizer for your feet! it didn't work for me either and i threw it out XD
    i hate wasting stuff too though. i wish i was as creative as you, hehe. :D

  4. I don't have that much makeup or skincare products! whoaahh... haha

    skincare is from dermalogica and la mer. make up is usually bobbi brown and nars, some dior, chanel and estee lauder.

    secret: I only own one lipstick, rarely use it, and it's a natural color, you barely see it! :P


  5. =D everybody starts small.
    I used to think like you too. Just find one product that you like for each category and it will be naive am i??XD
    There are tons of looks that can be created by using different colors and all that nosh..=0 Ahh, make-up is LOVE <3
    I started collecting late last year. My collection is meager too..