Friday, November 27, 2009

In2it Moisture Release Lipstick in Flame

I needed a little oomph in the lipstick department so I went around to look for a nice shade. I already have pinks and peaches so I would like some deep red color just because.

I got In2it's Moisture Release lipstick in Flame from a department store. I tried it out with the tester and I was astounded at the pigmentation. It was flaming red like I've never seen before. I'm too used to the pinks and peaches. I was doubting if I should take it because it costs around P420.00 something and I can only use it sparingly or during special occasions.

You can see how really red it is. It's totally seriously red. But what I like best about this is that it is wonderfully moisturizing and doesn't create cracks or make the lines of my lips prominent like other lipstick seem to do (I like Nyx but it shows the lines on application.)

It glides easily and a single swipe has a lot of color already. Its not hard to apply. Its a great line to try out for those who like lipsticks but are suffering from chappy lips.

It looks a little orangey here don't you think? Maybe its the afternoon sunshine.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. wow! congrats on having a red lipstick in your stash! use it often! it would make a difference!