Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beauty Secret: Insanely Smooth Feet

I'm going to share to you my secret in maintaining healthy, smooth and supple skin on the feet. I'm sure many of you practice this...

One of my favorite parts of my body (and there's very few of them) is my feet. It is something I take care of as much as I can and it has fast pay off as far as I can tell. My toes, sole and heels are all accounted for! That's why I'm proud to say that my heels aren't chappy, my soles don't have thick skin, and the skin on my feet are nice to touch.

I think that we should all take care of our feet. They're the farthest from our body, and sometimes we neglect them. I don't buy those expensive foot creams to keep the skin soft, I buy only drugstore products but I make sure that it does its job well.

I do this routine every night after I cleanse and moisturize my face and body.

Take a small damp towel and clean your feet all over. Its best to swipe the instep, the heels and in between the toes. If you want to disinfect your feet, its good too. Take an isoprophyl alcohol, spread the fluid on the towel and gently pat on the skin.

Doesn't take much to achieve this! All you need is a moisturizer and a pair of socks (even mismatched pairs like mine! LOL!) Just like any part of the body, you need to moisturize the feet. All you need is your favorite lotion or even a face moisturizer that you like. I think that those get soaked very easily. I used Lander Hydrating Cocoa Butter since it's virtually always on my bodycare stash that I take it out rarely because I only use it if I have some dry parts of on the body like my elbows and knees. As much as possible use those lotion that were designed for dry skin.

Take a generous amount and spread liberally on your feet! Take note that you may have to apply it 2-3 times to get the desired thickness. The more you apply the better! Have fun massaging your foot, and make sure to get the skin in between the toes, too. It is important that you get more lotion on the driest part of your foot.

Leave the whole thing overnight and there you are! The first time I tried this I had to wait after 3 consecutive days for the smoothening to take effect. I had super dry, and scaly heels before, but with regular moisturizing soaks, my feet are callus free and super soft now!

Take care! :)


  1. @thia - wow thanks! I'll get some of the ideas there! I don't use pumice stone because its so rough and it hurts me. Maybe pangit yung pumice stone na gamit ko lol.

    I'll also try using vaseline and see how that goes :D

  2. Wow, your feet look smooth indeed. They look like a child's feet, which isn't bad ha. I mean it as a compliment. :)

    Ako I apply olive oil on my body kasi after taking a shower, and that includes my feet. My mom does what you do too pero she uses petroleum jelly and not lotions. I read in GT though that Glycerin oil is good too in moisturizing our feet.

    I really have to try this, I think ang concept lang naman is to clean, moisturize then cover the feet, right?

    By the way, musta naman po ang scent ng Lander's cocoa butter? Does it smell yummy? Hubby and I are both addicted to cocoa and shea butters kasi eh. Unfortunately ang hirap hanapin yung mga favorite namin (St. Ives and Jergens).

  3. @golden - wow olive oil? di naman heavy yun? but yeah the glycerin oil one is really smoothening, hirap maghanap ng supply from where I am.

    @Ida - thank you! :) I want to try thiamere's idea of putting clay masks to detoxify

    @Jing - wow super hectic naman siguro schedule mo... waah! remove your make up hahaha very bad habit. I used to do that. Now at least I have cleansing wipes for the face and VCO to take eye makeup off. Wipe wipe na lang.

  4. @golden - I don't like the smell of Lander cocoa at first, it took a little getting used to. heheh

  5. Anonymous10:05:00 AM

    Just tried it now im waiting..........