Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pressed Powder Adventures Pt. 2

Been gone for a little time because we are currently on the process of moving to another place! :) bye old house!

Yesterday, I woke to discover that my Maybelline powder broke in two. It is not good way to start the morning.... On the other hand it is a great way to get a new powder, yes!

PICTURE: She looks so sad. She's broken and about to be replaced.
noooo.... don't throw me away plzzz....

I went back to the department store and yet again faced overbearing, snobby sales girls there and looked at a lot of pressed powders. Somehow, I don't want the usual brands so I took a gamble and went to some boutiques.

I'm totally into Asian brands now. If I had the money for it, I would probably head off to the Skinfood Store. I like their Buckwheat Loose Powder (#23), it's like around 700+ or something. Or maybe their new line, I love their Rice Mochi Pact 3

SPF 27! I KNEEEEEEWWWRR! It's so cool that this almost-nothing, translucent powder pact has a higher SPF than my Skinfood Aloe BB Cream SPF 20. Considering how extremely sunny it is here, it's a blessing.

SU-WEEEEEEEEEEET! I tried it out for the first time and it's awesome.


1. It's totally cute, ultra-lightweight.
2. I like it because there's a plastic "separator" I have no idea what you call that.
3. The foundation itself is sheer, that even putting on a lot won't make it look like you put on a lot xD
4. It always looks very, very natural on my face.
5. Oil control is great.
6. No fragance. Nothing sweet or cloying, just your regular earthy, powdery scent.

1. The silver container scratches and smudges easily.
2. Bulkier than the Maybelline.

It's not Skinfood, but it's close, right? :D


  1. Nice. I'm almost out of my Maybelline pressed powder too. How much did you get this for? :)

  2. I haven't tried this pressed powder yet, but i guess this is good,huh?
    You can still use it as loose powder. You can pound it until it turned fine then you can just transfer it on a sifter jar.

    I haven't heard of Beauty Credit yet. wow!
    thanks for letting me know about it.haha

    i went to Beauty Bar last Saturday is was thinking of buying Palladio Rice Powder, but it just didn't entice me. Maybe someday, ill buy it

    Have a nice week,girl!

  3. Hi thia!
    I just googled Palliado Rice Powder since I honestly haven't heard of it before! Sounds great, P200 yung retail price which I like very much hehe

    Have a great one, too :)