Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pre-Kadayawan Bazaar

Happy Kadayawan Davao!~

In celebration of the upcoming "Kadayawan sa Dabaw", events have been popping up all over the city, especially agri-harvest exhibits, bazaar/tiangge, and concerts where hundreds of people flock to.

I grabbed a quick bite at McDo, but upon going to Damosa St., I saw people lining up from the curb, straight up to the Gateway parking lot. The line was seriously long that I had to wonder what's happening, plus I kind of got worried because I saw a lot of people elbowing and shoving each other none too gently. Then I saw the cincher: Hale Band, Yeng Constantino, Eric Santos and Rachel Ann Go were part of an event concert. Ahh.

Fortunately, there was also another event nearby that I could go: the Matina Town Square Kadayawan Bazaar! There weren't a lot of people there and it was a bit quiet (But if you ask me, this event is more fun and I like the fact that it's less likely a random elbow is going to break my nose here.)

Here are some pics I took! :)

Tents inside a big ass tent! How cool is that? This way, the shoppers are 2x protected from bad weather! HEHE!

Clothes! Clothes! Accessories! Cheap Prices! Clothes! What more could you want?

Earrings and Purses: The white wallet with the hearts all over it is so cute! Only P190 (less than $4) too!

Cute shoes for you! Not for me though, I'm not a slippers/sandals kind of person. I'm more into slip-on sneakers and skimmers. But I have to admit that the displays are sweet eye candies! CLICK TO FULL VIEW!

OMG! I am seeing Human Nature Organic skin care products! For just P49.00 (less than $1.00) I bought their "Solid Perfume" in Pineapple and Coconut... AND I WANNA EAT IT BECAUSE ITS SO DELICIOUS ; ; STOP ME!! But it's okay, isn't it? I mean, it's 100% organic anyway! xD

Moar accessories! Look closely at the earrings encircled above. My gulay! It's the cutest earrings ever! They're shiny, lightweight apples with little green leaves on top. All of the earrings you see are sold for only P80.00 and all of them are so cute. Too bad I'm also not a long-earrings kind of girl. I like the studded ones better. I hate it when the long earrings pull some strands from my hair :(

This one above is a Zen body scrub. (The picture is kinda dark-- My stupid shadow got in the way) I haven't heard of it before, but I think they're from Aromacology. The kindly lady let me try and smell it (yay she knows how to satisfy my olfactory needs--I need to smell EVERYTHING!) and if you love coffee, you'll absolutely love this scrub. My god, I fell in love with one whiff. I wanted to eat the body scrub too. (Ugh I'm disgusting! But yeah!) The coffee scent is sooooo strong and it makes you want to go out and buy pan de sal or something XDD

A contact of mine has also sent me a message that some seller in the MTS Kadayawan Bazaar is going to promote Ellana Minerals next week. Waaa! I am going to get that oil-absorbing finishing powder and a baby buki brush. I can't wait! This makes me love Kadayawan even more!


  1. Wala man kaayo pa... Pero next week kay naa daw Ellana Mineral Make-Up! Ganahan bya ko atong Ellana. Naay isa ka booth didto na naay mga make up stuff sa revlon, covergirl, victoria secret stuff.

  2. awwww... this makes me wana go back in the phil and do some major shopping :( Miss ko na Philippines.. I wish to go back there soon ;)

  3. But the best products always seem to be from the US (or Japan/Korea).

    Pero even I can say super cheap dito sa philippines xD no one's gonna buy it kasi if the products have exorbitant prices.