Friday, August 14, 2009

<3 Packages: Na-Hee and Thiamere


Thank you dear Thia! So nice and very trusting :) And OMG! The foundation is perfect!!!!! I love it because it's sooooo my color! For Thiamere it's too dark for her fair tone, but on me it's perfect because I'm morena. I currently use BB creams right now but I use it sparingly because my face kind of looks too fair for my overall body tone if I put on a lot. I love the Wet N Wild Honey because it glides so easy on the face. This is my first Wet N Wild brand! Yay me!


I've wanted to try Skinfood's Salmon Eye care line, especially the brightening serum and the lifting prime skin. I've always loved Skinfood, but I always get turned off by the price tag. If I wanted something from their store, I always try to ask Na-Hee if she has a trial pack for it. I am very conscientious that I don't rush out to buy the full bottle if I want to try something. I learned that the hard way xD

I got 2 Skinfood Newsletters too, although it would be such a task to read it because everything is in Korean. Well, this gives me some extra literature for my Korean language self-study anyway! Hehe!

Thanks to both lovely ladies!


  1. Ooh bb user too eheh :) always wanted to try it, they say its good for the skin? but I just cant bring myself to try them out hehe. Im morena, really tan soo I really dont think the shades would match me. Wish they came out with more shades though. What do you think if the bb creams though?

  2. Lots of packages =) Hope they work well for you.

    Oh Pond's is having a SALE up to 70% OFF. You might know this already, but anyway in case you don't. It's a great deal, if you want to try some of their beauty products =)

  3. its great to know that its your perfect match..

    i can't seem to get it to work with me...& i guess one thing that bothers me too is the scent...hehe

    that's a lot of skin food
    let us know how it works for you,girl

  4. wow lots of skin food. how did you snag all of em??