Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Of Cute Things

I keep my friends as misers do their treasure, because, of all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater or better than friendship.
- Pietro Aretino

I'm sure I'm not alone in squealing and shrieking and dawwwws and aaaaaaahs when we see kawaii things. I've been Multiply and EBay hopping lately and I've seen so many things I wanted to buy! They're sooo cute! I've saved them in a folder somewhere and attached a notepad file of the details (website, price, shipping) because I'm going to save for these!

Here are my top three cutest finds ever that I really really want:

Isn't that worthy of a capital ADORABLE?! I'm sure you know my undying love for Japanese Washi Wallets, but now I have a very close second. This wallet is made of what I think is felt fabric and its 100% handmade! Bawwwwwww! I adore handmade, especially those that are made with quality love

RABBIT! RABBIT! CARROT! RABBIT! Though looking at the bag from this perspective, the rabbit looks a tad evil, no? But I love his little bunny ears and his pert, pink nose! I am a rabbit lover, and through the years I've taken care of 4 rabbits (my first rabbit was Robby and I was in grade 4--- sad to say he was run over by my sister's boyfriend's car--- I hated him until they broke up. The three last remaining rabbits all passed away, fat and happy of old age.) This bag is such a mix of happy, cool colors blue, green, and then a sudden vibrant orange on the carrot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the carrot keychain! My gulay! It gives this bag a huge amount of whimsical-ness, if there is ever a word like that.

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  1. its like christmas ha!!!

    haha! i love bazaars!