Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini Necessities Haul + Victoria's Secret Mascara

Trying Age Miracle for the first time! Hahah!

The mascara way up there is what I bought for myself yesterday. It's Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mascara in Blackest Black. This is my VERY FIRST mascara ever. I bought it because the price was slashed down: from PHP300+ to PHP 125! Yay me! Bargain Hunter me! I opened it in haste and looked at the brush and smelled the fluid. Heheh, because that's what I do!

I hope I look ok with mascara on XD


  1. haha
    lol at the cute icon...
    you drew that?
    so cute!

    let us know what you think about the mascara

    i like using that coat milk soap for the body
    & he is very thoughtful to give you some stuff

  2. Yep I doodled that, hehehe...
    I'll try to write about several things I haven't gotten around to writing about XD especially the herbal essences dangerously straight shampoo! *rant*

  3. Randy is soooo sweeeet.

    Wow! The VS mascara is really a steal. More than 5o% OFF. That's what I call a real bargain.

  4. no not really naman... nasanay na din ako.. nung una tlga hirap na hirap ako.. as in halos i-piring ko na mata ko hahaha! woow! where did you get the VS?