Sunday, August 16, 2009

Herbal Essences: Hate!

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.
- Oscar Wilde, "Lady Windermere's Fan"

I bought the Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Shampoo with the hopes of diversifying my range of shampoo products. I was so happy with this purchase because it was a.) cute b.) new c.) an imported brand but I learned the hard way that you can't trust a shampoo by its brand and packaging alone.

*sigh* I remember using this shampoo for the first time and I was taken aback that it DRIED MY HAIR BAD. Just upon rinsing, my hair felt heavy and hard to rinse. I tried to towel dry and then comb it, it was worse. It was hard to detangle the strands. You can't imagine what lengths I had to go through to blowdry my hair with a padded brush. I had to resort to a wide-toothed comb that I usually don't have to use back then when I was shampooing with Vaseline / Palmolive Intense Moisture (I miss Vaseline booo).

I'm never a product-waster (?). I try my best to stick to a product and finish the whole thing. I tried to give Herbal Essences another chance, and then another, and day after day my hair was dry to the touch, tangly, hard to comb! Why did I even buy it! UGGGGHHH! I hated this product! I will never buy this shit again.



  1. @Golden - Hahaha why didn't I heed that? It really is dangerous!

  2. huh? I have very good experiences with herbal essences! I think it's the best among "normal" priced haircare actually... Hmmm that's weird!


  3. thanks for letting us know

    now i know that i will never buy it no matter how cute the bottle is

    you know, based on my experience, most of the imported shampoos that i've tried really dries my hair..

    i guess its only L'oreal Elseve that didn't dry out my hair, but i still prefer using local brands because i think its formulated for filipinas..

    you think so?

  4. @Toothfairy - I've also tried the original herbal essences and It's sooooo good! But just this line is bad! :( I should change the title or something xD

    @Thiamere - I have yet to try L'oreal... The shampoo has the same price as the HE dangerously straight. I want to go with St.Ives volumizing shampoo pero parang na trauma ako nito hahahaha

    Yeah, the shampoos from here are really suited for filipina hair, pinas temperature, and all...

  5. I used the Color Me Happy variant of this and it sucked, big time. I was tempted to buy it because it smelled like Kool Aid but that was where the pro ends. It made my hair even more frizzy. Sayang din, was all I told myself.

  6. hmm... i think imported prods are drying because most people living abroad don't shampoo everyday. they do it once r twice a week, so shampoo has to be really strong to wash away buildup that accumulated between washes.

    for us living in tropical weather, it's unhygienic to shampoo infrequently, but for others, it's normal, i think.

    of course, i could be wrong.

  7. I tried the Break's Over one and it dried out my hair, scalp, and gave me horrible dandruff when normally it's pretty minimal! My friend even pointed out to me how I suddenly had a lot of dandruff. This was only after 3-4 uses, which makes me sad since I had to waste the rest of it ('s sitting at home somewhere in the closet I think haha). I'm not sure about their products in the past (cuz I had heard they were good), but maybe they changed the formulations of the curvy bottle ones.

  8. Aw, sorry that didnt work out for you. Ive used this for so long and love it mostly because it smells great. Always use it with the conditioner though and didnt have problems with tangles